There are a series of incidents and circumstances which shape up our life which bend our inclination to a particular direction, it`s not always by chance that we land to certain places at the correct time, there is a mightier force prevalent somewhere which is driving our beings to what we are meant to be, to lead us to guide us to our destiny. Sometimes after a million tries an idea becomes a reality and sometimes we just let things go, our once burning zeal dies down ; but this happens because that things are just not meant to be.


If with your every failing trial your spirit calls out to us to just try one more time, if with every knock out you don`t feel worse but get more of strength to personify your dreams, then listen to your calling , it might be that some great invention is on your way , may be we are destined to create something that mankind has never even dreamt of before. All great persons who have their name for big creations followed their conscience they believed in the most bizarre idea that struck their mind, they kept their will uplifted and never forgot why they had begun their work, half of the people fail because they see how far they still have to go they do not once look back to see how far have they come. The journey is much more beautiful than the destination.

Every big invention till date is the result of constant perseverance and believe in their idea, nobody gets rich , famous or successful overnight it asks for hard work and rigorous approach . If an idea constantly preoccupies your mind and you are obstinate and perseverant to make your idea a reality so one day may be after hundred and ten failures you will surely get your desired results, conditioned you keep on trying, there`s never  a last chance if you have to follow your heart , the chance is always second last.

second chanc

Remember the time when you had to propose a girl you loved a lot,  every time you approached her there was a constant knock out, but still you kept on trying , every time saying to yourself this will be your last chance, but after all those efforts and your will to get the girl you desired you finally got her, gaining victory for yourself. Every time you do something wrong and your parents or teachers warn you for this being your very last chance to prove yourself , but still they do give you a chance to prove yourself but we shouldn`t get this basic rule for success on our heads and take advantage of our parents and teachers because sometimes when they say , it should the very last time they really mean it, and going against would be dangerous.


But to make your dreams and ideas a reality you have to try , try and try until you succeed  there you have to believe in yourself and your dreams , every time you fail you should stand up with doubled zeal to be successful, adversities either break you or you come out doubly stronger from them. There is no marked difference between those who fail and those who succeed just that the winners see how far have they come since they started ,rising every time they fall giving themselves one last chance each time and failures see how far they have to go get tired lose hope and cannot muster the strength to start up again.

Consider, the person you love the most is trying to get away from you and is always trying to show that nothing is working out , but since your love is true and you don`t want to lose that persons partnership, you always try to give it a last time, sometimes the situation for sure is of now or never but not always you have to give the one last chance every time to try to make out your relationship. This rule of every chance being your second last chance works always to make you a more firm and determined being to get you a step closer to your destination with every one last chance.

second chance

There are thousands of wishes we make each day, but only those wishes come true which travel with us day in and out which preoccupies our conscience and unconscious mind which fosters us to keep on trying which helps us rise each time we fall and shouts out to us to say try one more time, everybody wishes but not to a level of making your wish your dream your food your air your breath, the day we make our wishes our priority the day we start believing in our ideas; that day itself our ideas will start functioning and making us work to make those idea a reality , everything we see all around us was just an idea once which became a reality due to some persons intelligence and believe in its idea rising after each fall and saying this is my very last time each time trying harder.



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