Change Is Good, Embrace It


“When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.”

― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Great changes in life are preceded by great chaos. We find ourselves tumbling through endless space and time and can’t seem to get a grip on things. We pass our days as if we are an observer in our own life looking at everything, and yet seeing nothing. The upheaval in our life affects us so greatly that we often times lose our capacity to think. We sink deep down in the ocean of gloom and let others sit in at the steering wheel of our life as it spirals towards an inevitable crash.  The damaging collision will leave no other victim but you.

Sometimes, we feel incapacitated by the events in our lives. We become numb to the pain it inflicts. This can happen under several situations – when we lose someone dear to us, when we break up with the person who seemed like the love of our life, when things at the work place are bad or when generally things are not looking all that bright and we give up hope. It’s at times like these when our self – confidence is at an all time low and we hit rock bottom. We resist anything new and refuse to see logic, practicality and rationality even they all three keep knocking at our door to show us the right path.

Why do we resist change so much? Why do we not let Universe take its own course? Why do we not accept that things will change? That people will change no matter how much you try to stop it? It’s something beyond our control, and hence we must not even make an attempt to interfere in it. The only way to take control of our life is to relinquish it, and not be rigid. Remember, living things change, what remains rigid are the bones of the dead.

We fear change. It is the unknown which gets to us, which makes us panic. We are scared of what we don’t know, which also a reason why we do not like to let go of the old and embrace the new. Here I take liberty to insert the cliché – the only thing constant is change. It is something which is unavoidable and is as sure to come as surely as the night follows the day. We do not like things that are unfamiliar to us. Going into unknown territory makes even the most confident of us shudder with apprehension. We get so set in our routine, so complacent, that we could start to decay and we wouldn’t notice what is happening to us.


Change is healthy. It is refreshing in the way that silence is after a loud and blaring noise. It keeps us alert and aware of the things happening around us. It gives fresh perspective and new meaning s to things that we previously thought were redundant. Not only does change help in the recuperation of our body, it is also vital for our mental health. Imagine how you would feel if you had to have the same kind of food over and over and over again? Similarly, our body and minds need change. They need food which is different and appealing. Our minds love a challenge when presented with one. Our bodies love to relax when given the opportunity.

The other aspect that change brings about with it is beauty. Change has the capacity to make us fall in love with our selves all over again. It gives us the opportunity to romance ourselves and discover things about us that we didn’t even know. We discover how strong we are only in the face of adversity. Change invariably becomes a time when we introspect. We look deeper within ourselves to find the one thing that will make us happy and how and where we want to direct the force that has come into our lives.

In the end, what we can do is embrace change and go on this amazing journey of self discovery. Change opens up many doors for us leaving them free for us to explore. It is a new opportunity for us to see things in a new light and fill our life with adventure and a sense of novelty. It takes you on path that you have never walked before and fills your life with new experiences. It adds more meaning to life and gives it more depth.  Change is one of the ultimate healers in our life and has the capacity to heal wounds which run long and deep. It is like a miracle drug which helps us in coping with day to day pressures without us going to pieces.

We may not be able to change the world, but we can change our self and see the world change around us. This is one simple lesson which we all need to imbibe. However, one must not mistake change for compromise. Change liberates us, while compromise shackles us to the expectations of others. When the winds of change hit our lives, we must adjust the sails such that we reach the shore and not such that we get lost in its waters. So, lose your fear of drowning and look the storm in the eye and come out feeling stronger, better and sharper!

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