Many people rave about travelling , but are you aware of how it could change your life?The technical definition of travelling is that it is the process of moving from one destination to another. However this conventional definition has changed over the years. When do you take the effort to travel?For various purposes such as where you currently live for purposes such as education, leisure etc. Many times we use “Travelling” and “Exploring” synonymously with each other but sometimes these are two elements of a process.It has gradually moved from being a necessity to even a passion or a hobby. Now it’s become easy for people travel all across the world , thanks to the various modes of transport according to the budget. People with a high travelling budget go for luxurious destinations in Europe whereas the others just want to wander around exotic places like a vagabond without indulging in much of self pampering. Infact with the help of our friend called  technology you can make a precise and second to second plan by booking everything in advance.


People must make it a point to travel at least once or twice in a year. But why , you ask? Do you not find yourself in a monotonous rut shuffling from home to work? Everyone deserves a break from daily routines. Sometimes you just need to cleanse your mind of the stress, tension and fatigue that it has to face every now and then. New sights, sounds and smells will bring you back to life. Change is good and you will see this positive effect when you go back to your old routine. You will feel more energized and motivated to do things.

Introduce yourself to different cultures because every region has a set of cultures that sets it apart from other regions. Travelling enables you to witness and even embrace these cultures. You will learn to appreciate them and sometimes you might even be amazed. Different cultures also mean different experiences in terms of food, clothing, lifestyle etc.


Most importantly, travel for your soul. Travel to discover yourself. Your true self. It is important to know who you are and what you want to succeed in anything. For this, you need to get out of your comfort zone and explore what lies in places across the world. Travelling can offer you whatever you’re passionate about. Whether you’re into sports, arts or photography, you’ll be faced with unlimited opportunities in your arena of interest. If you feel that you’re not passionate about anything in life, get passionate about travelling. You might end up discovering what you are genuinely passionate about and this is something no other person or guide can teach you. The satisfaction and joy obtained from such experiences is immeasurable and unmatchable. Travelling with family and friends makes this an unforgettable experience and creates memories you can treasure for a lifetime. You also get to interact with people from different places and create special relationships. Apart from visiting wonders of the world and other popular monuments, go see what you really want to. Sometimes, the least known places end up being the ones that take your breath away.


There’s nothing wrong in travelling solo. This makes the trip less hectic and at the same time gives you a chance to focus more on just yourself and your happiness. People usually have “bucket lists” of things that they would like to try once before they die. Watch yourself feel more accomplished as you tick these things off your list over a trip or even multiple trips. The experience is absolutely empowering and gives you sense of freedom and independence. As there is no dependency, you can learn to hone skills that you need to improve upon and discover skills you dint know you mastered.

Travel to learn a new language which will benefit you later in life. Travel to gain knowledge. Travel to intellectually stimulate yourself and learn all by yourself. All your beliefs and assumptions might be proven false once you get to discover and know things for yourself. Travel for adventure and an adrenaline rush. If you’re into adventure sports you should know that the surroundings and environment really matters when it comes to the thrill that you gain. Also if you’re in love with the idea of travelling, you can consider professions such as travel photographer, travel correspondent or a travel journalist. In this way, you can mix your passion along with your profession thus removing chances of monotony and tiring routine. Also, can you imagine the wonderful stories that will be born from these memorable encounters and experiences?

However one thing you must ensure is not to let travelling take over your life. You must realize that you have responsibilities and other duties to fulfil before wandering off to different countries. Unless it’s your profession, make sure that you set your priorities before travelling but at the same time remember to pause and consider how desperately you need a break.So go on , get packing!


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