Be the Change you Want to See

Change is the demand of every age. People are always in the search of change. Life can never remain constant. Change could be of society, personality, environment, technology and so on. But give it a thought, what and who brings a change or revolution? Change doesn’t come by its own. It is possible only by the efforts of the people who desire it. Bringing about a change is not a one day game but it is a long process. It takes a lot of time and prodigious endeavours to bring a change. Its responsibility cannot be imposed on the shoulders of a single person; in fact contribution of every member of the society is required. You cannot get anything just by demanding the change; sitting within the boundaries of your comfort level. Rather every one of us should come out of our comfort zone and strive for the change to come.


The major problem in today’s world is that people have become too lazy to do anything. The present technologies have made them inactive and therefore their habit of doing labour has gone. People want changes in the society but when it comes to their contribution they step back. Even if they are ready to make efforts to bring some changes, taking initiative then becomes the most difficult act. There are so many examples we can see to illustrate the present situation. The desire to have an anti-corrupt society is the foremost demand of people irrespective of the country they belong. But this desire is limited to desire only as there are no steps taken forward to make the society corruption free. Though some people come forward and try to take hold of the situation by making their efforts in a positive way but others either try to pull them out or do not provide them support. As a result of this, those people are rendered to abandon their protest and thus the situation remains unchanged.

Advising others is quite easy and most of the people are perfect in this but to stand alone and take initiative for the thing you and others wish needs a lot of guts. Not only in social terms but also at personal level people hesitate to make changes by themselves. Sometimes, people boast too much about living a utopian life and forming a blemish free society and do not leave a single chance of criticising those who follow practices that spoil the society. But actually if we see, it can easily be observed that the very people who comment like this, behind the veil they act in the similar way. They try to show themselves free from the shackles of evils of the society but in reality they are no different than others.


The quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” rightly fits in the context of present world. People always try to rely on others for accomplishment of their wishes, be they personal, social or political. To bring about a change in the nation we depend upon the political leaders. Think once, just by electing your representatives is your duty over? Don’t you have any more responsibility towards your nation? People sit aside silently after completing their duty of selecting their representative. But the need of the time is to work together so as to bring a change in the society. Moreover, it is quite justified to say that to bring a change at a macro level you first need to bring change in yourself.


We observe a number of social evils around us but ignore them as if we are blindfolded. Making comments behind the curtains and not coming out stop the unsocial activities has become an inbuilt characteristic among us. We want a change in the society but are ourselves entangled in the same. What needs to be changed is our own mentality then only we can have the right to instruct or advise others for all wrong they do. People condemn social evils like rape but they do not lag behind in teasing girls, whistling while they pass. Not only big crimes and scandals are polluting our society but every single action that could lead to adverse situations should be taken seriously and ceased at the moment. People talk of cleanliness but they are the one who are involved in dumping garbage wherever they find place, spitting on the roads and so on. These habits should be at first pulled out at a personal level so that when you talk against the messy and polluted surroundings, you should not have a role in making it so.

There are a number of ways in which you can be a part of bringing change in society and upgrade its condition. There are always so many things to be changed that we can make a list and start practising them by own so that the time can come when there would be no need of any change. Contribution of every person is very necessary as it is said that ‘little drops of water make the mighty ocean’. So, every one of us should start practising the change we want to see.




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