Changes Remain Constant, Everything Else Changes

There is a saying that “there is one thing which is constant and that is change.”  Earlier I really couldn’t understand it properly but when a string of changes constantly took to my life  then I realized the importance of change in my life.

They say life is not stagnant, it moves on whether you are stuck somewhere or flowing with it; it really never bothers about that. It only keeps on going. Life loves change. Change is the only thing that occurs every second in life. Life is detached like a hermit to everything except “change”. It embraces change and change never changes. It is constant.

As we can’t touch the same layer of water of a flowing river, we can’t get the same moments that have crossed our life. There is a lot of difference in each passing day. Sometimes we are unable to figure out the change because of the gradual nature of it but yes it changes and sometimes the magnitude and the speed of the change is so much that it affects every facet of life and reflects apparently.

constant change

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only create sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. –Laozi

Life changes, which is inevitable.Sometimes it changes suddenly when you don’t have any clue about it.My life also changed without letting me have any idea about it. All of a sudden, when my best relationship went through the worst phase , i got to experience how it feels when something changes in the life.

There was a time when Me and Neha were best friends during college days.The bonding that I used to share with her was incomparable. We had a kind of connectivity which was really unique. She always helped me in my every assignment. She helped me to woo the girl whom I liked. She was the one with whom I was totally carefree and friendly. We and our whole group used to watch countless movies at theaters. those were really precious golden days spent with my best friend.

But then a different phase of time arrived at the door of my life and situation took a paradigm shift.  Suddenly her behavior to me became indifferent. It had been more than two months that I was making her call after call and she was not leaving any chance to avoid me. She was not responding to my messages and calls anymore and behaving weird as if I was any stranger to her. There was no communication between us and this weird behavior was causing me pain since these two months. A change that I really didn’t imagine had entered into my life.

When this change entered into my life, I wasn’t ready to face it. A friend whom I loved the most, a relationship which taught me the value of people and true emotions was now drifting away from me and this turning episode of life wasn’t really pleasant to me. Inside somewhere I was resisting it to its fullest. Though I was unable to express it outside in home or anywhere but internally this changed manner of very closed people was making me really sad.

It was not at all comfortable for me. I felt the loneliness at its peak at that time. Many times even tears dropped out of my eyes whenever I  used to remember those beautiful moments of true friendship.


I tried my best to make this relationship work  but even after many trials, apologies and tremendous effort, nothing seemed to be alright. Sometimes life doesn’t go the way we want, situations don’t fall in that place where we want them to.

Reality had changed and wasn’t the same. A friend to whom I was deeply attached had chosen her path to move away from my life. Reason wasn’t clear enough that why she left her best friend? I passed a whole phase of pain and feeling of something lost but then reached a time when I stopped resisting it.

It pained me a lot but then I accepted the change. It took me time to accept the truth and to come out of that holding back of past but the only way to live happily was to  look forward in life. I accepted the changed reality. i convinced myself that now My life would be different. i started to think about new people, new situations, new characters that were about to come in this  journey called life and programmed myself that change would always take place outside and I prepared myself for that because of the unpredictability of the situations and behaviors of people.

changeis good

“Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.”-Eckhart Tolle

Time passed and my life changed. The situation at which, earlier I used to look at in a repulsive way, now I look at that in a changed perspective.

It is true that change will always take place but this is  also true that how you perceive and respond to it makes it change for good or bad. Earlier it may seem that it is not so good or unfavorable but accept it the way it arrives to your life. Flow with it, never resist it. When you embrace the change, life loves you because life loves change.

Even after this huge change in my life, many changes came. Many People changed.I faced some professional changes as well. This whole year was a period of changes but what I liked the most was that it changed me inside. It changed my perspective towards life. It taught me that I should be welcoming the changes rather than repulsing it. I lost many things but yes there are several experiences that i gained too. This is what the life is all about, ever changing and ever novel. Don’t predict and expect the situations to be accurate and in your accordance because that is not going to ever happen but make sure that you will ever and always be receptive and welcoming to the changes that will take in your life.

By being receptive to changes, we can really lessen the pain that we create for our own self by not accepting the change.

Change is constant and the absolute truth as well. If we embrace the truth then change will only be pleasant to our life.

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