Cherish your Wildest Fantasies

Who on Earth does not cherish a dream or a fantasy? Going on a road trip, sitting on a beach, going underwater diving or bungee jumping, climbing up a tree or simply playing a guitar might be one of your fantasies. This dream world is full of a myriad of dreams that have been churning in our minds right from our birth. If you don’t have a closely guarded fantasy, you probably lack all the excitement in life. Perhaps, you are too close to reality or you are just plain boring!  Some fantasies are too wild to be talked about whereas others are too sweet that one cannot resist sharing. If you are forever stuck onto the note of success, struggle, ambitions, work or failure, you will remain stuck onto the note of sheer regret. Life is meant to be full of dreams. Your dreams make you who you are. Fulfillment of those very dreams gives us immense pleasure and joy. Life is indeed meaningless without our wishes, dreams and fantasies.

It is absolutely necessary to have a closely guarded bag of the darkest, deepest and freakiest fantasies that you have ever had. Go out, explore, breathe and absorb life in a dream. These dreams are the building blocks of your life. Never abandon them. Never give up on them. They are here to stay with you till your last breath. Instead, have the courage to pursue them and work for them to the best of your abilities. These dreams will teach you the lessons of life like no one else. Have faith and believe in yourself. An age old adage goes, “Believe it you can and you are halfway there.”

Your mind always needs something to ponder over and that is where dreams come from. A person dreams during the day and night, consciously or unconsciously. Dreams are nothing but thoughts pouring down your mind. They are the true reflection of your soul. Dreams are sacred. Dreams are pure. Thinking about your dream relaxes and rejuvenates you. It gives you an adrenaline rush and renders you a much needed break from the moribund activities of daily life. Your dreams are in fact a good exercise for your brain and nerves.

You only live once. Make your life worthwhile. Fulfill your dreams as there is nothing else left in life except that. Life is anyway too serious. You do need fantasies to ease down that heavy burden of life on your shoulders. At times, your dreams in life take a back seat because of inexplicable circumstances. In a few cases, the problems are real whereas in others the problem lies just in our head. Have your heard your granddad saying that I cannot go horse riding at this age? Has your mother been too scared to wear that fitted dress because she has gained weight over the years? We must understand that we are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream. Dreams are our lifetime companions. They transcend the barriers of age, race, caste and creed.

cherish your wildest fantasies

If you do not put an effort to chase your dreams, you will perhaps never catch them. Yes, your dreams require your energy and attention more than your dumbfounded fears. We all have dreams. The king as well as the pauper dream about all sorts of things. However, fulfilling your dreams requires an immense amount of will power, determination, dedication and commitment. The result is sweet only if your efforts bear fruit.

Walt Disney once said, “Our dreams come true only if we have the courage to pursue them.” The road leading to your goal or your dream might be full of thorns. Others might pull you down and shun your efforts. However, you must stand tall in the face of adversities. Just go after your dreams, no matter how unattainable it seems or how unattainable others think it is. It is your dream and by bothering about others’ thoughts, you are rendering it an unparalleled disrespect. Your future is in your hands. In fact, the future is secure only for those who believe in the beauty of their dreams alone. Our dreams push us out of our shells and make us strive to achieve success. Our dreams build our past, present and future. Your dream is your own creative vision for the future. Therefore, it is necessary for you to come out of your comfort zone and get familiar with the unknown to build your future as dreamed by you.

Not only this, your dreams relax your body and send it in a state of perpetual happiness. Dreams are like a birthday present waiting to be opened, a glass ceiling waiting to be broken and a journey waiting to be explored. Your dreams are like a breath of fresh air.

Also remember, that the stepping stone to success is a dream that you nurtured. Nothing happens until and unless we first dream of it. Your dreams do not distance you from the real world. In fact, they bring you closer to reality. Dream it, Wish it, Do it!

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