Choose to Be Happy, Starting from Today

“If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year.”

~Thomas Dreier

One simple and plain motive behind everything we do is to be happy, to live and to enjoy our life. We go to school, study, get a job, and earn money and all that just so we can be able to have a happy life. But attaining that happiness isn’t as simple as we want it to be. Or maybe we have complicated it ourselves. Let’s take a look at what keeps us from enjoying our life and being happy and how can we overcome that.

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Don’t condition your happiness

We lose an amazing opportunity to lead a happy life when we start conditioning our happiness over materialistic items or achievements. I’ll be happy when I’ll have my own car. I’ll be happy when I’ll get an ‘A’ in Biology. I’ll be happy when she says yes for the date. Why? Why can’t you be happy right now? Why does that car need to be your driving force for happiness? Moreover if you condition your happiness over such things then your quest to be content will be never ending. As soon as you will achieve your target or reach your milestone you will start aiming for another one as human greed never dies. When you do get the car you have been wanting you start wishing for a bigger or a better one. And ultimately you are never happy. If you decide that next year your school will end and you will enjoy your college life then stop fooling yourself. If you really want to enjoy then do it right now, don’t leave it for tomorrow, next month or next year.

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Don’t let others be the driving force of your happiness

There are a few people in our life with whom we are truly attached. The can be family, friends, relatives or your colleagues. Our equations with them affect our mood, our behavior and our frame of mind. While it is nearly impossible to keep yourself immune from what others do or say to you but getting influenced and disturbed by every little thing is also not an option. People don’t always behave the way you want them to. They can be unnecessarily rude or different or mean or quiet or all of the above. You cannot control how other people react and how they act. But what you can control is the way it affects you and your attitude towards it. And the less it disturbs you, easier it becomes for you to stay happy.

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Enjoy whenever you can

Leaving enjoyment only for when you will be having free time is stupid, as there is never going to be a free time or a right time for that. You do not have to go skinny dipping in Spain or spend a night in Vegas in order to enjoy your life but changing your mind set and being up for all the little adventures you can find in your daily life is what helps you in enjoying and appreciating life and hundreds of amazing moments it can throw up at you. Sometimes taking a break can be extremely helpful in getting your spirits up. If taking a month or even a week long break to foreign island doesn’t seem possible to you then take off a weekend to a nearby tourist spot or set up a picnic in your backyard. Even that can be a completely fun filled and enjoyable activity.

Happiness and enjoyment is a state of mind

Happiness is not a journey. You don’t have to wait for a certain day to come or a certain event to happen for you to be delighted. But it is a mere state of mind which you can come into any moment provided you have the willingness for it. A circle of people you stay in also create a huge impact on your mind and your mood. Where staying with dull and boring people can turn you into one, staying with interesting and vibrant people can lift up your spirits and ensure a good frame of mind. There are a lot people, even I know many, who get upset and go into a depressed mood the moment something bad or unfavourable occurs. Be it an argument with some person, flunking in a test, relationship issues or any other sort of problem. You can tell it from their face that they are not happy or they have chosen not to be. Avoid staying around them if you don’t want to end up being like them. Try to be around positive people and yourself be the kind of person who can light up other’s day when you are yourself having a gloomy one.

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I try being that girl. I don’t want to sit down in a corner sobbing over my problems. I choose to be happy and to enjoy my life to the fullest. And I need no rhyme and reason for that, neither I need a particular day when I will be happy. But I start from today. Would you?

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