Since our childhood, we all are so very curious to learn so much about everything around us, we wanted to grab everything touch it fuel it and leave it experiencing its sharpness, smoothness, ruggedness, warmth or cool. We had seen people walking and we tried to imitate them standing, falling, trying, again falling and finally being able to walk. In those days we had our parents 24*7 with us teaching us, removing harmful things and showing all     those things from which we can learn.All the while in our growing we were told what leads to what, how does it feel behaving in a way and sometimes a complete `no’ to something but how often do you remember or try to take a lesson from these advice we`ve been  told by someone who has experienced our undertakings before. Each individual’s life is a lesson but other being cannot get the gist of it until and unless they themselves haven`t experienced it.


Each time we throw ourselves in the arena our wild imaginations we allow our horizons to expand sometimes in a position way and sometimes negatively, but we are the once who benefit from it and learn , repeating those situations the other time depends on the experience we have gained from it.

There are certain situations from which there is a seemingly no way out, we are badly struck that everything seems falling apart and it`s the end of the world but this doesn’t happen we come out of it and our engagement with those circumstances teach us which way our life is destined to be lead.

Sometimes when life seems to be so very interesting full of joys and we find nothing to worry about their emerges a thing, which completely shatters our being, from just nowhere arises the most life spoiling situation which we had never thought about even in our dreams, the moment we are in that situation we feel that there is no end to it, tensions, disappointments, grudges, depressions all occupies our being but finally there arises a way out, which proves to us that the accidental arrival of this circumstances in our life was not completely accidental it had its way , it taught us what we are meant to be, who can we trust on, those circumstances arrive to lead us to our destiny from which we had for a while deviated.


Every time some experienced person comes our way to tell us about life or teach a valuable lesson , all this irritates us and bothers to a level that we start feeling too egoistic and selfish considering our life as just as our own and flaunting as if we will be able to handle all that comes our way, but many a times such attitude spoils not only situations but also many lives, sometimes circumstances get to worse than expected and then we regret later of not being aware enough initially to sense the disastrous results, but it`s always said that prevention is better than cure, so we should always try to handle a situation at hand rather than being blinded with the big ego wall we have developed in front of us.


Circumstances are a way with to learn to fall and to experience the flavours of life, but it`s completely right to judge a person’s  temper when he`s in a certain situation because that’s when he`ll` try to defend himself or try venerating the situation that`s when he tries to put all he has learnt to cope with situations to come out of it, but whatever be it everyone has to repent later that we could have acted a bit more wisely in that particular situation.

Those people are really wise who learn from others experiences and never deviate from their path , but they never even enter into the valley of their dreams in a fear to fail or to face a certain situation , they would never be able to taste the varied flavours of life, avoiding taking risk to be in the valley of your comfort zone will not develop your overwhelming persona, it would only obstruct your development.

Fear of failure never makes anybody a winner, always follow your heart and intuition they somehow already know what you have to become, there is no other teacher as good as life, no boundaries other than those  you which you set in your mind. Be ready to face everything that comes your way, circumstances make a person stronger than ever before if taken positively.

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It is not right to judge a person because he acted in a way in some situation, the person is not responsible but the circumstances are sometimes we tend to completely change views about a person due to some situation, but we should always remember a person is never right or wrong but the circumstances are sometimes situations turns so weird that we have to break all our rules and ourselves to act inversely of our behaviour but we had to do so because the circumstances were such.

A mother often stops a baby from touching the hot cup of milk but the baby doesn`t learn he gets burned by it, similarly we do not stop following a thing until we learn a from it, till that moment we keep trying for it and when finally we arrive at the conclusion that this is not meant to be or this is not to be done a certain way we try doing it.

Our parents are our first teachers but circumstances and life has a lesson in store for us each day, they never stop teaching us until we believe what is really meant to be, being superfluous to the incidents would never teach us we should set our approach right, always follow our heart because it is taking ourselves to somewhere to an arena of our mightier selves if we do not succeed we will for sure not fail but will surely learn a lesson which our heart wanted to teach us.


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