Why College Days are Better Than School Days

When I was in school and well loathed it to the core I was always told, “Enjoy these days. You will miss them later on.” When I was leaving my school and bidding it farewell, I was told, “The best days of your life are over. Welcome to the real world.” I, honestly, do not miss school. I am in college, first year, and probably the hangover of being in ‘college’ sill looms large or whatever it is but I love it more than school. Here are a few reasons why college life is much better than school life (However, this is specifically for Art colleges, I think Professional colleges are stricter):
1. Independence: First and foremost, when one thinks about college this is the first word that comes to everyone’s mind. INDEPENDENCE. You finally get to live a life on your terms. You do not need to seek for permission from parents for every little thing that you do. Staying away from your folks is a lot of fun because that is when you can be adventurous. That is when you find a small family of your own with other students who too are away from home. Not to be biased but yes, I do feel sorry for kids who stay with their parents even in college days. They miss out on fun that out station scholars get to enjoy.
2. No Rules: Finally, you have a life where you set the rules. In school, for every little activity you do, there are a set of rules. Often, the school diary with all the rules written in it feels as thick as the constitution of India. Complete opposite is college. There are absolutely no rules. No one will check if you do not reach college on time. No leave applications to be given if you bunk for a couple of days. There are no rules against applying henna or nail paints or keeping long nails. Nobody to reprimand you for fixing your hair in a certain way. Viola, it is a free world.
3. Bunking: Most children have at least once or many a time been caught for bunking a class or two in school. Bunking was like a serious issue worthy of getting the highest degree of punishment when parents were called and a serious drama ensued in front of the Principal. The nonchalant attitude towards this highly punishable offence in college is overwhelming. The Principal and the teachers are least bothered if you bunk. Everybody has bunked classes in college well because, shopping, drinking beer or exploring the city was probably a more necessary thing to do than studies.
4. Fashion: The desire to do fashion hits early however, the permission to do so comes later. Long earrings, open hair, funky necklaces, bracelets to the extent of friendship bands were a complete NO in school. I am not against it because I do agree, school is a temple of learning and it is about looking neat and tidy and not being fashionable but of course we are but teenagers and we want to look our best. Then comes college and there is a full freedom to shop till you drop and dress your best. It is all about make-up and dresses and hairstyles and shades and jewellery. Not only for girls but for guys too, the fashion world is everyone’s oyster.
5. Fest: College festivals provide a platform to showcase your talent and interact with other colleges. All of a sudden, the usual studious place becomes a happening joint. The free concerts, amazing celebrity nights, the entire campus is sprawling with food stalls and amusement games. A plethora of opportunities also open with various NGOs, counselling centres and organisations providing intern ships. And of course, it is an arena for the talented shows to showcase their talents. Needless to say, it is also a place where all the single people get to check out people of the opposite sex.
6. Low Cash: College is when we tend to roam out the most and it is also when we are almost always broke. The limited cash restrains us from splurging and pushes us to find cheap food joints, go for discounted films, do street shopping and want to make us earn more. Part time jobs, paid intern ships and winning prize money competitions become a necessity and everybody is looking for some more money to spend. Expenditure is always more and wallets are always empty and that makes you realise how little money can also bring happiness.
7. Canteen: Low cash brings me to canteen. College canteens are a haven for college students and Heaven for the wallet. There is always cheap yummy food available. Canteen is also when you get to steal your friends’ wallets and get unnecessary treats. Free food is always sweeter.

College life is about when you have your parents’ back and yet do not. You can break rules. The world is nasty and full of distractions. We pick up bad habits but that is also when we learn the harshest truths about relationships, business, education and well how difficult life is. So, embrace it and enjoy it the most but of course, on a little nerdy note, do not ignore academics.

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