College days: The spring of one’s life

Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final

-Rainer Maria Rilke

Cut to late teens and early twenties and everybody wants to taste college life perhaps because of the fact that college is like a license to enter into the ‘grownup world’. It in fact affirms the point that we indeed are now responsible for our actions. The thought ‘When will I go to college and be independent?’, ‘I guess my parents will consider me grown up only when I enter college’, ‘I want to go to college so that I can enjoy my life’ and such other things is something that crosses the mind of everyone. College indeed is a gateway to all these. College opens the vista to a whirlpool of experiences and opportunities. Apart from being an educational hub and temple, it is also a place where people not only enhance their educational skills but also their numerous talents and capabilities and not to forget that many people in fact recognize their hidden talents in college which helps them in the later course of their life.

The night before the first day of college has mixed response and emotions among people. Some are overtly excited while some have those anxiety jitters and can be seen praying to Lord for their smooth sailing of the day. And finally it’s the D-Day and many students can be seen rushing here and there with a copy of their classroom slots and schedules in their respective colleges. A freshman though can be easily identified with his tense and anxious looks. While some will also be busy exploring the canteen and making friends, chatting with new people and so. The vibe of the college itself becomes refreshing and hip irrespective of the crowd and chaos. Looking back I still remember my anxiety wherein I desperately prayed to God to help me so that I do not screw up the first day of my college and end up looking stupid. I guess we all have some sort of panic attacks at some point or the other and this certainly was one of my panic attack moments. As I look back to that time now I cannot but laugh at myself for being way too anxious and that is what college life is about and should be for everyone.


Apart from attending those never ending lectures and secretly wishing that the teacher does not turn up for the class, college should be about making those small mistakes, bunking classes, sitting in the canteen, doing stupid and idiotic stuffs with friends, participating in college fests to have fun and not to forget attend those fests as a way to evade lectures and get free attendance so that later on in our life when we are busy 24*7 and sitting amidst the workload in our offices there should be at least something that we can rewind in our mind and laugh at. And that can be done by the moments of our college life. Who knows such moments may brighten up your dull and mundane day. Even some frustrating days and times of college life can pretty much later on turn out to be the most hilarious incidents upon remembering which you can only laugh uncontrollably. Even the bad experiences that some people have while in college may in fact become life lessons. Life in itself is composite of good and bad things and every bad thing teaches us some good things. Likewise, the bad experiences of college are certainly going to help in the long run. One bad experience or a difficult time in college and some may think that their life is over. To them I would like to say that college is not the end of life but is a means to life. Yes! Bad things happen to us because that’s life and life can be pretty much tricky to us and at times may play evil but what is important is how you handle that situation and what lesson you learn from that incident and how you utilize that experience so that you do not repeat the same mistake twice and how you turn it into something productive so that it helps you in the long run. As someone rightly said, “College might not qualify you for anything but will probably prepare you for everything”. College however, as Tsugmi Ohba says in Death Note, Vol 4:Love is “fun as long as you don’t die”.

Just as spring is the season of blooming flowers likewise college days are the spring of a man’s life for it is the time when man bloom thereby filling his life with rich color. College is the time when people can avail opportunities, discover their interests and talents and further enhance them. In fact a lot many people find their real vocation because of college. A man is successful only when he can seize the opportunity. Having said that, opportunity is not something that will land on one’s lap but is something that a person will have to run after and college provides the platform for that opportunity. In the words of Jo Franz, “Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG”.

memories final

Our life is like a daffodil which hastes away soon. Talking about this Robert Herrick in his poem “To Daffodils” says:

We have short time to stay, as you,

We have as strong a spring;

As quick a growth to meet decay,

As you, or anything.

Life indeed is short. It consists of ‘blink and miss’ opportunities and moments. College life and its moments being one of such ‘blink and miss’ moments. Each and every moment of our life has its own particular significance. Our college moments in that sense then hold extra special place in our life for it is/was that moment of our life where we shed all our inhibition and can safely feel right to be carefree and oblivious of the things the materialistic world has to offer. It is like that childhood phase where we long to go back to and recollect the memories for it is this college memories which will act as a source of comfort in the winter of our lives. So go ahead and savor each and every moment of college life and those who are passouts try to think of that one tense or hilarious moment of your college days and I am sure you will have a beautiful smile on your face.

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