College life: the best of days

When I first entered my college, I was more so in an awful state and the whole vibe of the college was pretty distasteful. Too many people rushing through the gates like mad men, women rather, it’s a girls college. Some couldn’t stop smiling, others so cranky that they looked like they would stab another person pushing them or trying to make a conversation. I was somewhere in the middle of the two, because I wasn’t exactly cranky and clearly not excited. I was nervous and anxious, if anything at all. Later that turned to gloom, after I attended the orientation. I mean I had certain expectations from my college life, I expected it to be a little chill. Like I could walk in and out of those gates as I pleased, dressing nicely and well, guys were also one of the things on my agenda but that was clearly ruled out long ago. For at least a month post that I’d keep hoping that some miracle would turn my college into a co-ed and I’d see my campus as full of guys as there are trees in there. But well, obviously, that was just a dream, not a very realistic hope to begin with so I wasn’t that disappointed. And then I sat inside the college auditorium, with no working air conditioners or they didn’t turn them on for us, that’s still a mystery. But it was suffocating, literally and metaphorically. I had never seen so many girls in my life in one place, I was spellbound.


And the crowd was mixed again, like it always is. But in general, I found most of them quite intimidating; intellectually, socially and well obviously physically. Some of them were really good looking, and then there were others who were astonishingly well dressed. While I was ogling at these beautiful women hoping to look like them one day, my principal began to address the assembly. I don’t what she said really, I could pick up very little of that but it was horrifically depressing. Post that we had some great performances by the college societies which cheered me up a bit because they were literally mind blowing; we’ve got some great talent in our college. And that was followed by the department orientation which brought tears to my eyes. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown after hearing things like, “You cannot bunk”, “Attendance is a big issue, be regular”, “You’ll have to study a lot it’s a tough course”. I mean come on, be a little supportive, don’t scare the poor child away. I ran off to meet my school friend directly after that, and hence regained my mental stability. I think of that day, and how every second of it is so well engraved in my head, and here I am today, two years hence. Still in the same college, with the same intimidating students around and extremely interfering teachers too, but I love my college life. I mean, I get so bored sitting at him, I instantly feel the need to rush to college and meet my friends.


I have this typical girly habit of meeting all my friends with such grave enthusiasm in the morning and hugging them like I haven’t met them in ages while I actually spend 50 percent of my day with them.Till the first semester I hadn’t even met these people but I’m so glad I did. I owe them the past 1.5 years. Every bit of happiness, every time I’ve laughed, every time I’ve done something completely out of my comfort zone, all that I’ve learned, I owe it to them. And I have all kinds of people in my friend circle, the semi nerds, the typical girl’s school crowd, but that’s just bits and pieces of them. Actually, in totality they’re just the most wonderful people I’ve come across who make everything seem so easy. They support me in all my nasty adventures, all the jumping windows and public humiliation, everything; they’re always there, not just to back me, but mostly participating equally enthusiastically in all these activities. They make everything fun. Even if it’s something as simple as watching a movie, that too one which isn’t even remotely funny, they will laugh endlessly till they’re short of breath and their laughter is pretty infectious so you have to laugh along.


Quite often, we’ll sit at the new building and mock random by passers together, and even more frequently, we mock our own selves and ensure that everyone is petrified of our self degradation abilities. We’ll hog at every new eating joint there is, and crib about being penniless at the end of the month. We have our own share of crazy adventures and I know my kids have a lot of cool stories to hear thanks to these people. Point is, your college life will not be determined by the building, the teachers, the subjects. Of course, partly yes because at the end of the day the college is going to provide you with a degree, a qualification so you have to study too. But that’s the purposeful part of it. The life part of it, just means the people you spend these beautiful years of your life with. Despite of how short this period is as compared to your school life, you’ll never miss it any less. College provides you with this very adequate amount of liberty. And it gives you some of the most cherished memories of your life, and probably the best people too. Cherish these years, crib less and do more, because these years will never come back.


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