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‘With Power comes responsibility’, a quote from the movie Spider-man somewhat helps us to understand the fact of life that nowadays people undermine. There are comics around the world which have been with us from a long time and since their first debut they have been a rage among the young ones. Cartoons and movies made on these comics have become blockbusters and have even made people create cult secret groups of these characters. Even Comic con events are held all over the world where fans of comic books gather and enjoy and learn about the comics of various countries. Asterix and Obelisk, Tin-Tin series and the famous Manga comics of Japan are some of the comics that have gained popularity all over the world. Batman, Superman, Spider-man, X-men and others have even been made into successful franchises gaining billions of dollars at box-office.

Comics have always been a great part of our childhood and even the younger and older generations have members who are comic geeks. I am a Comic geek myself and am a dire fan of the ongoing comic literati. One of the famous comic franchise fights have always been between the DC comics and Marvel maestros. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern or basically the entire Justice League along with other heroes who were part of the first comics are from the DC comics. The newer ones like Spider-man, Wolverine, X-men, Hulk and the Avengers team are the ones who constitute Marvel universe. Both of these worlds are just magnificent in their make and they bring out the imagination inside of our minds which is just mind-boggling.

But what is in them that actually can be contrasted with our lives. The main conclusion or inference that I got onto was: – The fight between good and evil and the winning of the hero over villain by his wits and courage. Superpowers and muscles are all enthralling but what actually makes us watch these cartoons is the fighting and basically because of the fact that we do not have such powers but are fighting the evils of the society. People think that to battle the evildoers it is powers that you need but the fact is that what requires is having a heart inside of you and the strength along with courage and bravery. You are a hero in your way and this is what one needs to incorporate inside of their heart. Comics are immense essential parts of our lives. The comic photos on Facebook and specifically the memes that are made on them are just beautifully implicating the world that we live in. Comics provide us with the comic relief that immensely helps us to smile and to take life in a jolly manner. Newspaper comic strips are also one of the kinds that make you feel the ongoing current happenings in the most comedic way as possible without derogating anyone’s feelings.

Every facet of life should be made glittering and eye-catchy. It is the elegiac nature of the comics that touch the hearts of the millions. Like a diamond is polished till it coruscated, in the same way comics provide a polished way of imagining life and fighting evil in the finest form. The fervor behind the making of the comics is acknowledged by everyone. Comic heroes like Batman and Iron-man by means help you to understand that even through the help of science you can fight evil. It is not about money, gadgets or even strength sometimes but through sheer courage that fights can be done. Wolverine, the claw-wielding superhero teaches us that even with so much pain in your life, you got to understand the value of it and to help people should be a priority of your own.

Comics provide relief to our stressful life with its colorful pages and vivid illustrations. The importance of comics is somewhat widely controverted despite the evidence on the fact that it is a hobby for some and a passion for others. It is of cardinal significance to pay attention to these comics which you read. Even life is a comic and you are its illustrator and protagonist too. Make your comic strips colorful and happy. It is how you would feel the zest of life. Someone had stated that- ‘The strongest light is the light that resides inside of you’. It is this light inside your soul that is a cache of sorts and has all your strength and bravery accumulated there. The fete of life should be celebrated in the way you want to and living life is in itself a fight you could not imagine.

Comics are an opus of sort that brings out the heroes that you yourself imagined to be in your childhood. They bring out the child inside of you who dreams to be a hero in the eyes of others. Life is a challenge where the peregrination proceeds slowly as the path is wrought with unknown dangers and comics are the torch by means of which you could relieve yourself of the daily stress and imagine life as the evil you could defeat with the superpowers that life has given you and that you have in you- Courage, strong-will and determination.

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