Commitment: All Or Nothing


“All or nothing”, a term famously used in gambling, but its definition can connect it to numerous fields of work, or anything which would require your effort; it refers to the commitment or dedication of a person which should be focused fully on the task at hand, or not take the task on at all. We suffer from a widespread disease caused by severe anxiety and that is over-working; there are often times when we take on more work than we can handle, and we do it because of the fear of not getting that work later on. With unemployment at an all-time high, there is a restless atmosphere that surrounds the freshers and young talents, who over-work themselves in order to meet the demands, and earn a good-will, and a reputation within their desired fields.


The economy has been fluctuating in worldwide, with the inflation hits at unexpected intervals, thousands of employees fear of being unemployed, this has affected lives of many people in the past; hence the fear of that resides even today. This is the race, a race of people preparing their children to start working as early as possible; the youth themselves in a hurry to apply for numerous courses and internships, at ages as young as 15 years. It is frightening, the newspaper daily prints stories of people who commit suicide because of being fired from a job and unable to provide for family, or students who failed in mid-terms or even if they were unable to pass with distinction. There is an invisible pressure of work and sometimes the environment pushes you in a restless state of mind, which in result could manipulate you into making fatal decisions.


Easy life on a Silver Platter

Easy life on a Silver Platter

However the opportunities are not awarded to the people who work towards it and literally die for, instead they are given to people on the basis of contact and referrals. There are plentiful who dedicate their entire efforts and with discipline work ethic towards the jobs, but eventually the unfair and wrong practices of people come into action. There are those who laze around the job, do not work with the desired discipline and work ethic that they should dedicate to the opportunity, and these things still prevail around us all. It is true, that you appreciate only that, which you work hard for; for example, imagine you have to make dinner from scratch, from getting the groceries to preparing the ingredients and ultimately you start cooking; at the end of the meal you are sweating from the heat in the kitchen, but you have managed to make dinner, when you eat it, no matter the flaws you will appreciate the food more than you would if it was made by the cook or your mother. Similar to that the people who dedicate their time and effort to achieve placements and recognition, in comparisons to those who are given all this on a silver platter.


There are different forms of commitment that you will engage in, in a lifetime; a relationship; a religion, belief, or faith; and a culture. We often commit to many of the things mentioned, blindly, it is our dormant minds that do not bother to think or ask questions while dedicating yourself to it; this proves that we are engaged in that particular part of life half-heartedly, something we have a common habit of falling into. Our dedication to most of the activities, are not fully applied, and this is because of the other million thoughts; these thoughts float in the river of the countless others in our mind, our flustered head and distracted focus from the current task at hand due is due to these thoughts. In relationship we fall short due to hesitation; in our respective faiths we fall short due to the lack of initiative to ask; and in a culture we never award enough importance towards it to choose or change it, there are many things that refrain us from awarding our entire attention to the various parts, but you need only persistence to fight them all off.


Personally my issue with commitment was because I was unconvinced of the road which I was to choose (which profession I aspired to take up), and this caused the trails of many incomplete courses and half-hearted application to different academic ventures. Confusion of the road to take, and the decisions to make, can at times put in a spot where you need to take a deep breath and wait it out, or you will probably make a decision that might eventually lead to the inevitable incomplete end. The concept of ‘All or nothing’, is not only a practical way to work things out, but is also synonymous to some of the spiritual teachings.


In the Indian epic of Mahabharata, there is a moment when ‘Dronacharya’ who was a Guru (teacher) of ‘Arjun’, asks all of his students of archery to show their skills, by piercing the eye of a parrot, seated on a branch of a tree; he then asks each of his students, what they see, while aiming at their target? Arjun apart from the rest, replies with an answer that pleases ‘Dronacharya’, he says “I see nothing but the eye of the parrot.” Similar to the focus that ‘Arjun’ had on his target, we need to strive to achieve that level of commitments on our tasks at hand, either we commit our all, or give it up.


“Desire is the key to motivation, but it is determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to the success you seek” – Mario Andretti

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