Confessions Of a Teenage Drama Queen

 The Lindsay Lohan starrer ‘Confessions of a teenage drama queen’ may be the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear about confessions, drama and teenage ofcourse. Keeping the movie aside, what really strikes me is the question if a teenager is a ‘drama queen’ or are there certain genuine issues at stake.Well, to be fair it’s a curious mix of both in most cases. Now what is and what is not drama is decided according to the side of the fence you are occupying. The role of a fence-sitter though is of the greatest convenience.


We all love a little bit of drama and especially in our teenage and pre-teen years. The extra bit of attention provided as a result of our exaggerating ways is always a welcome move. This is almost one half of the reality and the other half needs to be produced with a pinch of salt. Now the amount of salt is sure to vary from person to person. The growing up years are often filled with several dilemmas engulfing us in a deluge. What makes a “good” girl? How are you supposed to earn that tag in the eyes of your family and peers?

Then a few days down the line that very “good” girl tag becomes a burden and you feel an unbearable urge to shed it. ‘Being good is being boring’ is what you may get to hear from your classmates or even your friends. As a result of that you do things that appear “cool” and in the course of time you may as well start enjoying them.Now another problem arises when you are asked to curb your indulgences and draw the line. Let’s face it, most of the teenagers do not know the line and hence, we ask… ‘Where is the line? What is it? Yes, we make mistakes, we stumble on our ways, we shed tears, we fight and we go for a movie or to the next big party and enjoy every bit of it. We are everything you can think of. We take our chances, we are apprehensive, we are us and us in our multeity and divergence. The most important point that comes up is that of building up an identity and finding out what is our true essence and what is just a façade. In my view, there is no right and wrong, no set of rules that the teenager has to follow. It’s about following an instinct and having your heart and mind in place. If truth be spoken, our hearts dominate over our wisdom in most places but you can’t blame us for that. Blame the hormones, don’t blame us.


Teenage is a time when we are made to make our career choices. Become a doctor,engineer,teacher or a fashion designer perhaps. The last one is an unconventional choice,eh? Soceital pressure almost bogs us down. The inevitable board exams too enter our lives during our late teens. At this critical juncture, we need our parents to be supportive of our decisions and give us a pep talk to de-stress us. It acts as the greatest boon for any child and brings the relationship between parents and children to the point of a strong friendship and understanding. It’s also the time when the first flush of romantic love blossoms. It ends.It breaks our hearts.Sometimes it may turn into a fairy tale romance (yes, fairytale is fiction and love too may as well be one). We fall in love again and the cycle may or may not repeat.

[That boy likes me but do I like him back ? No, I like somebody else who in turn is head over heels for another person. What to do, what not do? We crib, we have extreme emotional outbursts but we keep our mouths shut in front of the person concerned. Will it or won’t it be a blow to our egos ….surely, it will be. Instead let us eat chocolates and drool over Ryan Gosling. That would be a good therapy perhaps]

This is that phase which throws up numerous questions, way too many for us to deal with and offers no definite answers. We swim in a whirlpool of conflicting emotions, seeking refuge, looking for a shelter, being disillusioned , yet looking for a new direction. It may be drama for some but a reality for all those who have LIVED their teenage years. A time may come when you cannot keep your eyes open during a particular lecture in school/college but do you have an option? Pretend to be attentive even if you are not. Walking out of the classroom too is a bold step and most of us are conditioned in a way not to do that.

[Walk up to your professor. A straight face. Not a tinge of emotion. You say that you do not enjoy the lesson that is being taught. You get a pat on your back and the next day the syllabus gets changed. Your “drama” pays off….*Knock knock, it’s reality time* The bubble over your head bursts and you wake up from your dream…Oh! It’s already late, missing the early morning class is inevitable]


These years are tough with people to judge us at every step. The need of the hour is to hold our horses and remain optimistic. Do what you believe in and wait for the mess to clear up. Every age group throws up new challenges and that is when our ducking and defending and attacking skills come into play. Teenage and drama do not end the moment you turn 20. Teenage is just not a number, it is a phase and something we would cherish in our years of wisdom. The teenager spirit in us may become latent after some time but it never dies. We do not want it to die. It teaches us many lessons and enriches us with numerous experiences.

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