Be You. Being A Copycat is not Cool

do not become a copycat

Life is a beautiful dream to be lived, a song to be sung, it is a canvas ready to be painted with our immortal touch, we were all born singular in a world full of plurals our individuality then lied in our new being with the most remarkable features, the looks almost to die for surroundings molded and remolded us to be someone which is far different from our real selves.

BE ORIGINALbe original

We grew up learning from the world around, we initiated what we saw and what we saw was no were near to original , lives phases changed and so did our looks , features, actions , thoughts, and our real self.

We were born in a society where mockism is all around disguised are all beings soaked to be someone which in itself are not its real being.

Our society is in a fast transformation phase, catching the hush and hues of the so called mocked society, everyone is running a race a race to be prettier ,richer, more classy, more beautiful,drenched with coats of show off which peels off whenever there individuality is put to question.

Our culture is such that binds us in so many ritualistic values, traditional customs which at some point or the other get too heavy to follow, their sanctity is burdened on us in form of so many customs. In this situation there is no easy way than to just escape it, we try to look for roads easy to travel and skies too much to match our expanded horizons. We then look for cultures easier to abide on and then we become a proclaimed follower of the west, easier rules and simpler customs. We catch up quickly the thing easiest to follow adding further coats on our real being and hiding our original self in a place small enough to even breathe.

Sometimes to cope with our surroundings sometimes to live up to our parents expectations and sometimes for so many reasons we do become a copycat, but as we all know all that shines is not gold and bad habits are easier to catch than good habits; We tend to catch the habits having a negative impact on us than good habits. We constantly copy others meanwhile losing our charisma and sparking with others talent. Our true self till now has chokes and died in the need of exposure.


Having idols is a good habit, taking a lesson from others life is a wiser step and idealizing someone is a great step to success but in all this we shouldn’t merely be a copy cat  and should think hard before we follow every footsteps there lies tons of hidden treasure within us , we should all thrive hard to efficiently nurture our true self , to create our own identity ,when we do this other people will gravitate us, they will follow our example , and our being will live up, all over again , breathing the air of originally , smelling the taste of success.

We all become copy cats because we focus on externalities ponder more for materialistic things and dream of change outside, whereas the truth is every change starts from within , no parrot can ever become a lion, we all tend to do this to get social approval, that to from that society which demars us , which itself is drained in pleasing others , the mirror image is always not true , it does not  show what is running in a person’s mind while copying and copying with perception we our drained out of our immortal touch with the lord, by losing our true self we lose our contact with the Omnipresent and we are lost in this world full of strangers .

be original

Beautifying our outer books never make your heart full of love, putting makeup will make you presentable but you will not represent you unless your soul becomes pure your nature becomes true to yourself your being becomes original and you take off all your coats of mockism, and social disguise.

Within every being lies a small baby thriving hard to breath, play and jump out; don’t lose your true self to please others because at the end the reality is that you were born alone and you have to leave this world alone so why not leave with true self .Live as no one has ever lived before, leave in this world your original self not a Xerox, the world marvels the brave, your authenticity will always be encouraged. So remove the mask of being a copycat and live in this world being more of the REAL you, because there has never been and there will never be someone like you ,You are the only one of your kind the only YOU in this world don`t let go of the one for whom the world will marvel being authentic ,so don`t copy others footsteps mark them for yourself ,you become an example so that people follow you become a trendsetter YOU WERE BORN ORIGINAL DON`T DIE A COPYCAT,and as the eminent writer H.W.Longfellow quotes,

“Lives of great men all remind us,

we can make our lives sublime, and,

departing, leave behind us,

footprints on the sands of time.”

footprints on the sands of time

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