Courage – A Must Weapon for every Women

We all are scared of something or of someone, and women are the most vulnerable part of the society. It is a well known fact that the world is male dominating. Although there are many women who have shown remarkable strength in various fields, and proven that they can be equally dominant, there are still a lot many others who are yet to come out of their hiding places and open their wings.

Poor or rich, women always have been fighting for her rights and many have also been the victim of dominance.

Being courageous is not about doing something scary or about not being afraid of anything. Courage is about doing something, which you are afraid of and might feel its impossible for you to do. To show courage, one need to develop a strong personality and there are many other qualities which we women have to change within ourselves.

We have seen most woman cry easily and it could be a sign of weakness, but in truth tears are another strength of woman. You shed a tear when you cannot take the pain anymore and tears are a way to calm yourself and a sign or an indication that its time for you to take action to stop the pain.

There is only one person in the entire world to help you at times when you feel week and that would be you. Only you can bring those changes in you if you try and fight for the things required in your life to be happy.

Lets see, some of the ways to think courageously and how we can try to face our demons.

 Identifying your fears


A self evaluation is the most important, before we take any kind of step towards anything in our life and finding out what our real problems are, will make it easier to solve it. Find out what are you afraid about first. Ask yourself, what is it you are afraid? And what happens if you do it? Mostly, it is the consequence of our actions we are afraid about rather than the action alone. For example a wife is afraid to talk against the abuse from in-laws or husband or anyone in the family fearing what can happen next. A woman is afraid to talk freely about what she feels fearing people around her can just simply laugh at her.

Make up your mind to do that one thing which you are afraid of and do not think of its consequence. Try until you are successful. Your true strength is keeping up yourself together when everyone expects you to fall apart. Hence face your fears and do it.



Courage comes to us when we are exposed to our fears directly. Most times it is just a thought, which we are afraid and its never about actually doing it. We might have heard most parents tell their kids to get on the stage more often to get ride of the stage fear. Similarly, exposure to our fears will make us more courageous to face our problems and fight it. Do not feed your fears by avoiding the issues.

Develop positive attitude

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is one way to solve most problems and it is also a secret to stay healthy and happy. When we fear about the consequences of our action, it is usually because we imagine the negative outcome of it, although we never know what really can happen. For example thinking that people might laugh before even delivering a speech, Thoughts like what if the abusers catches back if you try to escape before even trying to escape, thoughts like what if I’ am not able to do it before even doing anything.

Thinking in a negative way before even approaching a task or trying to face your fears is one wrong way. Hence develop positive thinking in what ever difficult situation you might be in. Your thoughts are your own real demons or strength.

Take help


Fighting for something you want or when its your right, without a back up plan can also let you fail. Always think through as how you need to face your fears and take help from the people you might trust to help you out in the process. When we want to try, there are people who want to help and the world is not as bad as we think. There are good people around us too. The first step is always yours to face your fears, but for the second step you will find many who wants to help. Hence take that first step and seek help and conquer your fears, that is courage.

Step forward and never step back


Finally, even when facing fears, a lot many people find it hard to stay strong and they go back to their old ways. It happens mainly because of habit. Most are afraid to step their foot beyond the circle which we draw for ourselves around us, calling it as our safe ground, but the best things is always in the outer grounds of the circle. It might seem difficult to keep doing the things which was difficult for you and we some times even feel like going back. Never take a step back once you move forward. Face your fears until the fear is no more a fear or a problem, but just another part of your life.

Some of your greatest pains becomes your greatest strengths. So face your fears, become courageous and be happy and strong.

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