Courage in Times of Distress


‘No coward soul is mine, No trembler in the world’s storm-troubled sphere: I see Heaven’s glories shine, and faith shines equal, arming me from fear’, these were the words spoken by Emily Bronte which aptly describe the definition of Courage and its importance in times of distress.

There might come a time when some disaster might strike you and it would be stimulating enough to turn your life into a pallid and languid existence. The abrasive remarks of people regarding you might start to beleaguer you. You might want to enclose yourself into a shell and become reticent and reserved. The strident rounds of shrill and irritating comments from all the friends, neighbors and the earlier well-wishers who have now turned into just some katagelasticistism suffering mongers who would only laugh excessively at the distress of others. Now the question that arises is if you would be just sitting there and listen to these people and cry your heart out till the entire existence of you would be nothing more than a meager form of human flesh and bone without a soul…or would you try to combine all the inner strength and ken, yin and yang of your body and accumulate it inside to create a confidence and determination that would make you accomplish feats which by others was characterized as impossible and unattainable.

C.S Lewis, the famous author of ‘The chronicles of Narnia’ series stated- ‘Courage is not simply one of the virtues but the form of every virtue at the testing point.’ Being rancorous and mutinous towards the world would not help you out. Bitter thoughts and actions just tend to end you up into a soulless persona with no heed or compassion for anyone. FEAR can be described in two ways. Fear everything and run….this would mean that you did not have the courage to give an apt response to the situation. Otherwise, Face everything and rise…this would mean that you stood there, fought hard with all your heart and stood at solid ground without accepting defeat.

You fight till every obstacle is conquered and then rise through the situations. You learn from your mistakes and improve yourself at each and every step. Acute fear petrifies a person into inactions. There are times where you might end up not responding to the situations. You might be regretful but it is not through regret that you would accomplish anything. It is only through learning from the mistakes, accepting your fault and working upon your chivalrous attitude that you would be able to bring courage into your heart and mind.

You might wander into the abyss of chaos and disturbance if the courage inside you tends to deteriorate. You need to purvey upon your inner thoughts and actions and find atonement for the soul. Fear is just another transient existence. Time never tends to cease and it changes for every solitary existence. During the times of distress, you must try to cleanse the rime of fear accumulated on the ledge of your heart which makes it impossible for you to open the immense courage inside you.

Always remember that falling prey to impertinence and letting yourself into the pit of distress would lead you to nowhere. An act of retribution only deepens the hatred that initiated it and you need to let go of all the negative thoughts surrounding you. Do not quiver, tremble in a tumultuous manner while being in a hard situation. It is only through the battles that you fought and the scars that you got which would help you to generate success.

There is no talisman in the world that would act as a shield for all evils surrounding you. It is only the rigors of life and the courage inside that creates the person you actually want yourself to be. There are times when everyone around you would leave you to lead themselves into their own path. Nothing in the world is stable…not time and nor even relations. So whenever you tend to make the effort and try walking alone, have courage in you and in your thoughts. Your actions are what define the person you are from heart. Whether it is any situation in life, a simple one or rather one where your life is at stake… you need to be brave to take the right decision all along. Trust your heart and your intuition.

Ernest Hemingway, the Nobel Prize winning author was asked in an interview with Dorothy Parker that what he meant by ‘guts’. Hemingway answered in the most simplistic manner- ‘Grace under pressure’. And courage in times of distress is all about in how graceful manner you tend to move along. The highest of the mountains can be easily mounted and the fiercest of foes can be busted through courage. It is the rarest of rare powers that nature has provided inside of you that takes hold of when the situation arises. You just need to know when to trigger it at the right moment.

Just remember that Courage is the thing. All goes if courage goes! So be courageous in the worst of times and sail into the sunshine with ease.

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