Create a New Beginning and Embrace it

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting.”


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Let the next five minutes you spend on reading this article be a celebration to the new beginnings you have made or are about to make and a motivation for those which you are yet to make. Be it a new school, a new job, a life turning moment like a marriage or a child birth, or just a new outlook and attitude towards life, new things scare us a little but they can excite us even more. Past is gone and we are much familiar with the present that’s why we prefer staying in it. Even though the current situations aren’t favorable but gathering the courage to create a new beginning sounds even more admonitory as the present is predictable and comfortable while the future may hide anything. BUT, that anything can be far better than what you have right now and if you don’t take a chance then you might just lose yourself an opportunity to have a better life or will just stay stuck with a boring and stuffy one.

When do you need to create a new beginning?

A need for creating a new beginning arises when a person is not happy with his present situation and circumstances. It can be their workplace, a relationship, things they once used to enjoy or their perspective towards life. If these things are keeping you unsatisfied than you do need to start with a new one. If one makes decisions based on fear or anxiety then those decisions can never be leading them to a forward direction. In such a plight you have to know that you got to stop being scared of the unknown and prepare to create something new.

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How to begin new?

While trying to incepting something different which you haven’t done before you need to list out all the pros and cons and ask yourself few simple questions, “What do I get to learn from this? Does this make me happy? Can I use it to grow on a personal or a professional front and move ahead?” Once you answer these questions and the answers come out positive then you have got no reason to stay struck in the presence circumstances. The new beginning might involve a few risks and have some perils but it also holds a valid chance for a bright future and that is what makes it worth a try.

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When is the right time?

You have realized and admitted a need for change but when is the right time to fresh? Birthdays and New Years do give us an excuse to create new beginnings and motivate you but remember you cannot wait to initiate something unusual until the situations become perfect but initiating is what makes them perfect. And if the thought makes you wonder that where you should start from, then “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Around 8 months ago I was sitting at my home getting bored because the summer vacations were on. There weren’t enough shows on the television or enough movies in my laptop which could keep me engrossed and entertained for a couple of months. Tired of being bored and practically useless (I prefer the word non-productive!), I bumped into an internship opening. The thing was completely new to me as I have got no background or academic qualification in literature or writing but I nurse the passion for it which made me give a try. And here I am, writing and embracing it completely!

Should age be a barrier while creating beginnings?

One might feel that stepping into new shoes and dancing on a new tune is a thing for the young guns and once you have reached a certain age, of say 50, life has already shown you most of its card and there’s nothing new left for you to try. Or you have past the age of trying out new things or changing your way to live. But remember that life may have revealed to you a lot of its cards but not all of them and you may have already seen much world but it is never enough. It’s never too late to learn anything new and it is never too late to start afresh. And you sure as hell don’t need a New Year’s Eve to make resolutions, infact every single day can be a fresh start or a turning point.

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With every rising sun, each one of us gets an opportunity to change what we don’t like and start doing what we do like. Start with something small but significant. If even your smallest step is a right one then it will ultimately help you in moving forward. So people! Don’t stay afraid from the unknown. Avoid all the “might have been” thoughts and focus on “what can be”. Create a new beginning and embrace it. And life will give you a thousand reasons to smile, all coming from the most unexpected of the places.

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