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The literal meaning of consciousness is “the state of awareness and perception about something.” When we talk about human psychology, then it stands for the collection of images and perceptions that either we gather throughout life from other people about ourselves or we create about ourselves and other things  in life. And if we say self-consciousness then it is basically self images through which we see ourselves. Our consciousness decides our all over personality and quality of life. As will be the consciousness, so will be the thoughts, words and actions.

In our daily life, we play various roles at the same time. At one time we can be someone’s brother, friend, father and so on. A single person plays these different roles to different people at the same time, that too naturally and effortlessly. When we are in front of our boss in the office, our behavior is like an employee and a bit more disciplined but as we interact with our colleges in that same office, our behavior changes automatically. We become friendly, which we can’t be with our boss. When we are with our best friends, our behavior is friendly and carefree but with our kids, we behave differently; with different people, consciousness changes and so the behavior and actions change. This transition is natural, we don’t make any effort for it. It comes out naturally.

All our actions and behaviors come out of our consciousness. If someone’s consciousness is of a doctor, then healing will be his immediate instinct. If he sees someone wounded, his immediate response will be to heal the person. If someone’s consciousness is of a mother, then nurture and care will be the behavior. This shows the relation between our behavior and consciousness.

Our personality comes into interaction in our daily life via relationships and various responsibilities that we accomplish and this personality majorly depends on our self-consciousness i.e. what we think about ourselves. What our self images are. So if we want to change our personality then we really need to look inside rather than trying relentlessly on superficial outer things.



From the childhood, I have been told by many of my relatives and friends that I am an introvert kind of person, who takes time to get friendly with people, who really doesn’t like to go to any party or social gathering. Yes, I had traits of an introvert person from the childhood but after getting the same label from many people, it only reinforced my belief about myself. It reinforced that image of an introvert person in my mind. It could have been different, if people around me instead of reinforcing that image, could have helped me to change that personality trait.

Well, that is not going to happen all the time or we can say in most of the time because people who live around us are having their own complexities and conflicts in their mind. So we can’t expect all of them to be supportive and helpful in this case. We have to help ourselves. I also took a step when I realized that this introvert behavior was somewhere causing me a problem, I decided to change it. Though being introvert isn’t bad but in my case, it had crossed all the limits. It really needed to be changed.

I tried many things out side. From giving fake smiles, to shaking hands properly, to meet people as much as possible; in this process of being an extrovert I really worked hard but it worked only up to a limit and in certain situations it even failed. There were times when my deep ingrained beliefs came out all of a sudden.

And then arrived a new phase when I knew the equation between consciousness and personality. I have been creative and really like to experiment with everything in life. This too, I took as an experiment. It had been my consciousness from a long time that I was an introvert. So I started to change my consciousness about myself. I understood that yes, I have traits of an introvert but by self talk and suggestion I can surely change this trait of mine. I started my effort. I talked to myself and contemplated over being an extrovert and decided to act like a more opened person in daily life. It wasn’t perfect at one go but it worked surely. I kept on reminding myself that people with whom I am interacting are like me. We might be different but all are same at the core and tried to motivate myself as much as possible. I gave myself various auto suggestions and positive thoughts about myself. After few days, I found that I was overcoming this problem. There was something changing inside me. It really worked in my case.

This incident taught me that we can be creative with our consciousness. We can make our personalities the way we want to. It was only one facet of my personality that was going through a change but then I also worked on all those facets, which could be better. I created an imaginary character, which used to inspire me or at whom I looked upon as my ideal. I wrote down all the necessary characteristics and qualities that I would like to see in my personality. I chose various qualities from different people of real life and also from some fictional characters and then created a new character altogether. This character was someone, like whom I always wanted to be. This character was confidant, happy, loving, helping and obviously an extrovert. I tried step by step to inculcate these characteristics within me. I used to remind myself and change my consciousness and then act like that desirable character throughout the day while interacting with people. It really changed me from inside. Slowly, I noticed many changes in me and that worked as a boost for me.

I even tried this creativity with consciousness with my uncle, who had a self-image of an angry man. Yes, he had those angry traits in too much amount but after some trials, he also experienced positive results.

We only need to remind ourselves again and again the way we want to be and practice to behave that way in real life interactions with people. It only needs an effort in a proper manner. It changes us from inside, on a thought level and that is why this genuine change is not only felt by us but also by the people around us.

We can be creative with our consciousness. We can create our personality, the exact way we want it to. We only need to change our consciousness; the whole behavior and actions will change automatically.

Consciousness is the seed, water it with your favorite thoughts, it will grow beautifully.

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