Critique Yourself: You’ll have no better critic



Anatole France once stated that- ‘A good critic is he who relates the adventures of his soul in the midst of masterpieces’. Being your own critic is one thing that every person should really do. There is nothing more practical than trying sound thinking for you. Whatever the circumstances are and what goal you have set up for yourself, it is always better if you have thinking as an advance skill. Wherever you are and wherever you want to go, it is always better that you have a critical bent of mind and you are able to see your progress as well as your fall with equal aplomb. Criticizing yourself is the way of understanding that you have more potential inside of you than you show. Whether you are a student or a working employee or whether it is in any relationship…in every situation of life and realm of the society…good thinking and critical one specifically really pays off. There might be lot of problems if you do not turn out as a critic of yourself. There might be times when this would inevitably lead to problems and waste of time and money. You should see to this problem and know that knowing yourself and getting acquired to your means and measures is what the main agenda of life is.

Being your own critic is an art which ensures that you are thinking the best for yourself and are measuring your capacity of fighting and leading even in the adverse of conditions. The general goal of a person who tends to be their own critic is to know beforehand what the choices have been made and how well have you done in the particular situation. What is actually really going on? Is the person taking advantage of me? Am I being deceived? Will this lead to a successful venture or would it cause problems? If this turns out to be a disaster then should I focus my attention on something else or should I continue with the work?

The above are the questions that you should always ask for yourself. With this you would be able to learn more than what you had asked for and it is an effective way of thinking. It somewhat maximizes the quality of life that you are leading and in one way or the other it tends to give you an opportunity to understand life as it is. If you are able to get honest answers then you must ask more and know more. Think yourself as a person whom you have to criticize as a third person and you would get the idea of what people are thinking about you. It might be something positive or entirely negative but what you got to do is to keep yourself adamant and strong even in these situations of criticism. It is part and parcel of life and for every good deed you do, you will be thoroughly appreciated. Being your own critic is difficult and it is very rare around. You need to focus your attention to the role of playing someone else to improve your own way of life.

Being your own critic needs some intellectual work and for most of us this is really a hard piece of work. But the thing is that once this is done and we move to a higher quality of thinking and more of at a higher level of improvement. Becoming skillful as a critic of yourself leads you to know about the variety of situations and to understand that life is not about bed of roses but about thorns and that as someone skillful and still not perfect means that we need to polish our skills time to time to be invincible in whatever thing that we do.

There are many ideas through which you can become your own critic. Firstly focus your mind on the goal that you have and ask questions relating to it and how it can be useful and how you would achieve it. Afterwards, work hard towards it and think deeply about keeping yourself strong until the entire work has been completed. Isolate yourself in such a way that you are entirely separated from everything else and have a life force of just working for the idea that you have. Be reasonable and always think about the overview, improving upon your respective strategies and immersing yourself entirely within the critical thinking arena. Magic is in the way you think and imagine about how to improve upon the ideas so as to get closer to the completion of your goals and your aim. Being your own critic would help you to know your faults at the core level and thus, would help you in creating a mindset where you would entirely be devoted in achieving a quality life by being self-aware about what you have, what you want and would get. So try being your own critic as your life is in your hands and not of someone else. You would feel lively and would know what living life in actual way means. So do try it and enjoy life to its fill!

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