The Curious Case of Human Psyche


Imagine that you are trapped in a room with one hundred boxes, the person who owns the room gives you complete freedom to open any box that you want to, however the owner tells you not to open the red box in the corner marked ‘do not touch’. Even with a number of boxes for you to open you are curious to know what is in that box which is restricted to open, this feeling is curiosity; you may obey the person till he is there but when he is out of sight, you would sneak up to the box, and open it, even though it was the only one you were not permitted to touch. Curiosity is our basic urge to know, to find out; there are times when curiosity works in your favour and times when you should restrain your urges.

The basic psyche of a human being is comprised of many things, one of which is the curiosity, this is an urge much more powerful than any other urge a person can have. As a matter of fact, not only humans but even other living species possess this urge; something new is intriguing and therefore we have the desire to probe it further. The example given in the above paragraph is a little different in the case of animals, you do not require to use much psychology, just put in a foreign object in their environment and they will come to find out more in their own methods. The saying, ‘curiosity kills the cat’, applies to a wider species than merely cats. Although every species have different weaknesses which lead to their destruction for example: a moth has the weakness of sight and dies while approaching the flame; a deer has the weakness of sound and is hunted when it runs towards music; bees have the weakness of scent and get captured by flowers when they go to collect nectar, but curiosity is a weakness that all species share.


Merits of curiosity are the developments that are being made by it, this curiosity speaks to the knowledge-hungry side of us; we probe, study and make improvements over the information gathered by going deeper into the theories. It is the doubts and questions that we ask that lead to the further studies, and the motivation for us to find these answers is the curiosity, and the reward is the overall growth of our kind and our resources. These changes occurred in all aspects of all existing parts of the modern civilization, in experimenting with the classical musical notes; changing the age-old formulas set in the sciences; breaking the norms and changing the ways of business from physical to digital. Although the very same curiosity has a few negative repercussions to it.

Negatives of this urge is determined by its role of luring people to unhealthy or habits considered a taboo by the community. It is most destructive among the youth who tread at an age, which they possess impressionable minds, at this time curiosity draws them to the harmful and attractive habits which soon follow with days of regret, or worse addictions. The college population and people in the same age group are the ones who often get drawn to cigarettes, drugs and liquors and lifestyles to which require very less responsibility, and more ‘parties’, which are ideal according to their tastes.


Negative effects of curiosity on youth

Negative effects of curiosity on youth

The use of curiosity has been in reality as well as fiction stories. So all these stories depict the difficulty that exist to avoid the temptation of uncovering the restricted and permitted unknown. However the situation of being in the wrong can be avoided if instructions are followed, and if there are no instructions given then, that is a risk that all of us would take to find-out what is in the ‘little red box’. Curiosity does not solely apply to small objects and boxes, but also apply to the bigger mysteries of life and so on.

Life is the biggest mystery which everyone tries to decipher with horoscopes, tarot card readings and other such predictive options. Although we do not realise the importance of it staying a mystery, it is essential that we live life with unexpected outcomes, because in hypothetical terms, having the knowledge of the future can break balance of the eco-system. We all have lived and erred, and all of us have the desire to avoid the future mistakes or outcomes which would be against us, and thus we have that lingering to know of what is the good or bad that is to come for us.

There is an importance that the mystery holds, and its existence is also essential in reasons that are beyond our narrow thoughts. The saying from the movie ‘Kung fu Panda’ when ‘Master Oogway’ encourages ‘Po’ who is the chosen one and worthy of the ‘Dragon scroll’, by explaining, “Yesterday is History; Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift and that is why it is called ‘Present’”, on relating sentiments, we often forget that we are wasting the gift of now, when we focus on uncovering the mysteries of tomorrows because of this curiosity.

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