Be a Daddy if you are a Father

Being a mother of a school going girl, I work from sun rise to sun set to make sure my dear daughter is happy in all ways and has all the things she needs and is comfortable with, but at the end of the day she calls her daddy and asks when can he be home from work and that she will not go to bed without seeing him or saying goodnight to him in person.

I kept reading this quote quite often “Any man can become a father but only a special man can become a daddy”. So true to its meaning, not all men can be a dad, it takes a lot of qualities to be the most loved father.

A man is a symbol of power and strength. For a child just the presence of his/her daddy in itself matters more than anything. Missing out the chances of those wonderful moments of being there for your child due to circumstances of being away on a job or some other things which is necessary and un-avoidable are understandable. But, not being there for your child giving unnecessary reason will not make one a real father.

An un-breakable bond is built when those teensy eyes look at you with tiny hands and legs, while you hold your just born baby in your hands. The joy felt at that moment is indescribable. Along with the joy, you are also bonded with a lifetime of responsibilities. Do not shrug from your responsibilities with lame reasons such as you are too busy or you have no time and be the father your child depends on. Providing money, shelter and clothes is not enough in today’s world to be a father, there are a lot other qualities for a father to become the most dearest.

                                           “When my Father didn’t have my hand, he had my back”

                                  – Linda Poindexter

Just be there


As I said above, all you need to do sometimes is just be there for your child. Your presence is itself a joy to a child and there is no one stronger or smarter than her/his daddy. Oh! How I remember as a child we all want our dad’s to look for monsters below the cot or inside the closet. A child do not know that a monster can return or even there is no such a thing, all it knows is, its daddy can kill those monsters and keep his baby safe. So if you are able to squeeze some time, do it for your child and be there for him or her. It could be a simple play activity, game, day of celebration in school etc. For we elders it might be a simple thing, but for a child its a big day. To feel and to be heard as “I am here” from their dad is itself the biggest joy, strength and confidence for a child.

Be what you want your child to be


Setting an example is very important for a child. Children often learn things we do things than we try to teach. So when you want to teach something to your child you have to do it and set an example for them to learn. When you want your children to behave good, be loving and caring, be respectful, be active, be cheerful, be smart and intelligent make sure you set an example of yourselves. They learn from us and their mistakes are our mistakes.

Patience is the Key


I know! There is so much happening that you hardly get any time. Work pressure and a busy schedule with an entire journal of to do things and a lot other things in mind, it can be difficult at times to even listen to your child talks or even bear to be around them. Your silence, also matters at times. When you are un able to do the things demanded by your child, do not show anger and speak those things which you might regret later. Because your child knows you as only its Daddy and as nothing else. Remember, you might be an engineer, doctor, analyst, actor, writer, and any other professional, for your child you are just Papa or Daddy. So have patience, and just listen when your child have something to tell.

Be ready to let them go free


When you are that father who has been the most lovable and most adorable, it also gets difficult to let your children to go away from their nest to find their own food. Be it a son or a daughter, for a parent it is always difficult to let their children learn on their own, in the fear of them getting hurt. Remember, how you wanted your father to step back at times when you wanted to do something on your own, its the same for your children too. So learn to let your children to work on their abilities and discover their strengths in their own way once they are grown up. It does not mean you will have no say. Just stand behind and be watchful. If need be, always be there for your children.

Be thankful to God for making you a father and giving an opportunity to grow as a wonderful man in those little eyes who see’s you as a hero and there will be a day when your children will be thankful for the kind of dad you had been and you are.

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