Its the Darkest Right Before Dawn


She had done it.
Her cousin gained a full scholarship and an admission in the best medical institution, owing to his scores in his boards, the previous year. The neighbour’s daughter is studying abroad. A colleague had refused to take his daughter on a 2-3 days trip in the Christmas vacation, which he supposed, was to be invested by her in studying. Hence, my friend’s parents ended up in the conclusion that the future of their daughter is completely dependent on the marks she will attain in her final year boards. Anything less than a 98% would not only ruin her future but also pull down their pride among the fellows in the family and work. So all they did was to pester her every moment to study. She was threatened of bad consequences of achieving low scores. She was not spared any time. Gradually, it was becoming unbearable. She desperately wanted to break free and enjoy her life. She began to bunk tutions and go out with friends. On being left alone, she indulged in movies and games. Not that it is wrong to relax but on the contrary, she began to take breaks while playing by studying.
The results were out within months and to the horror of her parents, she had ended up with an 87%. This put them all into great trauma. She was blamed and cursed. Unable to bear the taunting, she gave up and decided to suicide. Now she has been admitted in the hospital. Is she the only one? After the results, so many similar incidents have occurred, reported in the newspaper. It is such a sad scenario.
On my way back home from the hospital, I saw a blind man waiting for the train along with me in the platform. With the aid of his blessed ears, he briskly strode towards the train when it arrived and began to sell hand-made candles. A thought struck me. Well, what is life when you cannot even see anyone or anything around you? What will it feel like when someone says – “look how beautiful it is when all you can do is just feel it”. The person could have easily jumped in front of the train and given up but he did not. He chose to step on instead of under the train with the confidence at the rest of his body and here he is! He is not begging either. He is working with determination to live his life to the fullest with whatever he has.
There are so many other people like him. Think about Helen Keller. She was unable to see and hear. Still she ended up becoming a successful political activist, lecturer and above all, a lecturer! Satyaprakash Tiwari, having lost both the legs, proved that age and a minor defect can never become a barrier to achievement. He became a renowned athlete at the age of forty.
How many times have we not heard – failure is the stepping stone to success. It is true. Unfortunately, such proverbs have become confined to the dictionaries and essays. Well, only when a baby falls, does it learn how to walk. Everything has ups and downs. What will happen if our ECG was a straight line? How would it be to do one thing monotonously? Everywhere we require minor twists and changes. When we catch the rhythm of success all the time, in order to break the flatness, life itself offers certain failures.
Are the roller coasters not considered to be fun? When we can afford to spend a fortune on rides just to experience the up and down movement, why not take up the challenges that come surprisingly free of cost. Science has discovered so much – conservation of matter, energy and so on. Conservation is everywhere. I strongly believe that the same principle applies to our life. Hard work can never go in vain. It will always come back to us in some form or the other.
To err is human. We are indeed humans. So why don’t we learn from our mistakes and progress. Regardless of whether it is a gigantic bird such as an eagle or a pigeon, it has to come down from any height it is flying, in order to feed itself.
Examinations are just to test how much we have learnt. Many of us may not be able to express it in words but may have the presence of mind to apply it practically. A first ranker may not be able to do that. It is a minor thing and it should not decide our life. We should think about what went wrong and strive not to repeat it. If not theoretical studies, we should find out where our true potential lies and develop it. No one is born a good for nothing. You are what you make out of yourself. If life can be ended that easily, our country or even the world for that matter, would not actually suffer with population explosion! It is not our choice to die so let us make use of what is in hand. If such an attitude is perceived a pauper can certainly become a price. Just aim to live life king size, as if you will not have missed a thing and are fully contended, when the destined time for your departure arrives.

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