Dasvidaniya!.. Goodbye, Untill We Meet Again

There are some different kind of vibes around these days. Emotions and nostalgia are flowing like crazy. And no matter what I think about or talk about I always end up to one dead end conclusion – that college is going to be over soon. It is the time of Farewells and Graduation Nights, of feeling accomplished on completing your degree and bidding final goodbyes.

Goodbye, how hard saying a word can be? Harder than I ever thought. But this shall not be any surprise. We knew this day would come, we knew it all along. We entered the college knowing that it is going to be our home for next 2-4 years. And we also knew that once these 2-4 will be over a day would come when all this will end. And leaving from here would suck so badly. Nevertheless we fell in love with this place and loved it so dearly, more than anywhere else. The first time when we met these new people over here we knew that they can’t be forever in our lives. Someday we would have to part. Yet we made bonds, opened our hearts to let them in and allowed them to touch our souls. And now when the time of a final goodbye has come, all we can do is make promises to stay in touch and never let this end.

dasvidaniya 4

People often realize the value of things after they have lost them. And the value of time? It is also realized only after it has passed. And so was with these last three years. We didn’t realize we were creating so much to miss one day. We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. And that’s what it was supposed to be.

Would wake up at 7 (actually 7.55), rush for the morning 8.40 lecture and would somehow manage to reach till 9.15. Then the remaining 20 minutes will be spent yawning and trying to come into senses. Bored of the cafeteria food, going out to eat junk was something habitual but who thought even that would be missed someday. And the college cafeteria wasn’t that bad either. Yeah, they didn’t lavish us with a royal three course meal but there was something about that plate of Fried rice-Manchurian which would feel no less than a feast after a long boring lecture. And no surprises, it will be missed. The college terrace will be missed, which one day would be our spot for seeking calmness and another day a playground for silly games. And the Botanical Garden? It may or may not have been very substantial for Botany students but for us it definitely provided an amazing photography backdrop!

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The college and the people here will be missed terribly but I never imagined that even that 10 minute walk from Metro station to the College gates was also something worth missing. Spending hours sitting at one spot and doing endless chatting while the topics varied from serious future planning to just random silly jokes. I will miss it all, the Maggi stall, that Xerox shop, the Chinese van and so many little things. I can just go on and on but then it will make it even harder to say Goodbye.

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Ghosh! How could these three years possibly pass so quickly? Or maybe that’s how time always tricks us. When you are alone and depressed the clocks seem to have stuck but when you are enjoying with your friends a couple of years can also feel like they passed in a blink of an eye. But I don’t want this to end. I don’t want to leave this place, my friends, my teachers (okay! I am not that sentimental about teachers but I will miss them anyway!) . I cannot digest the fact that this amazingly beautiful journey is coming to an end. I will no longer be calling myself a Graduand. Though the word ‘Graduate’ excites me even more but this undergraduate life had something of its own.

We had fun, we fell in love, got our hearts broken, had misunderstandings, fought, got back together, met new people, bunked classes, pulled all-nighters the days before exams and now here we are. At a point where future holds so many great things ahead but we are dearly clinging to the moments gone by. And now all the golden memories keep playing like a flashback in the back of our minds. Oh I am supposed to study for my exams but these sentimental thoughts just won’t let me. The only thing I can think about is what will I do once it’s all over? Yeah I will most probably be going for post-graduation which means another two years of college life but what about this? My this group of friends? How often or rarely will we be meeting each other and hanging out? “Earlier we would meet and say ‘Let’s plan something’. Now we plan and say ‘let’s meet someday’” Is this going to be true after all? I fear that and I sure as hell don’t want that. Will I be able to get over this or forget this amazing journey?

No way, for this place and these people have given me too much to remember and cherish for life. So here is a Dasvidaniya, Goodbye untill we meet again!

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