The Days to Rejoice – Spring!

I am the kind of person who gives her physician a visit every couple of months. Not that I am very particular about getting regular health check-ups but every time there is little change in season I fall sick, thanks to my degraded immune system. Anyway even though a change in season means getting another one in the 200 types of viral infections harmful to humans, there is something beautiful about it, about the changing seasons.

And as much as feeling the first winter breeze excites me in the month of October, seeing the summers arriving has got me all cheered and pepped up. And the beautiful season of spring that comes indicating the soon arrival of summers is what I really like. And it is that time of the year again. The trees which looked darn and dusky are getting back to their lush green form. The sky which remained in a dull cloudy state for the last few months, having no sign of sunshine is beginning to display all shades of blue, violet and red, oh they look serene isn’t it? The birds are getting in their hyper active mode and starting to chirp and tweet (Over the trees and not on Twitter you morons!).

days to rejoice spring 3

There is a different type of energy in the air, I can feel it every morning. Everything looks clearer and brighter, the world and our perspectives. Now it actually feels good to rise up from the bed and shine. To look at the morning sun, the newly bloomed flowers in your garden and that cube of ice you are starting to put in your coffee.

Spring is the time when you don’t need to worry about hot water in shower and taking a bath doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all. Well, the whole last week I have bathed every single day, which is kinda unusual! Lurking all day in blanket is no more fun and it’s all about being hip and happening and going out to have the fun! Spring is already here and summers are coming, yaay! The leaves are changing and so are our wardrobes. The cozy sweaters have already got replaced by sleeveless tops and sexy shorts and we are all set with our sunscreen and hat to hit the beach or to flaunt the sexy neon bikinis!

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I love spring for a number of reasons. Mainly because the weather is just perfect. It is neither too warm and scorching like that in June and nor the chilled weather of December, but perfectly moderate and enjoyable. The light breezes along with a warm summer sun can instantly awaken your senses making you want to sing, dance and cheer.

Talking bout myself, I am a complete sleepy head. Even after taking eight hours of sleep (which is actually just a myth), washing my face twice and taking a bath, most of the times I roam around with a half sleepy brain and droopy eyes. Get me a bean bag or an adjustable chair in the college and I’ll sleep like a baby. But there is something special about this mini season of spring. The moment I step out of the house I can feel something in the air. The pleasant weather is like a reason to rejoice! Sometimes the serenity and at other times the exuberant waves in the air makes me fall in love with spring. And the beautiful plants, trees, birds and just everything makes spring so much alive and fun!

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If winters mean cozying up in blankets, summers mean flaunting tanned skin and autumn means stillness then spring means triumph and rejoice in every sense. And then there are some amazing songs which will help you in getting the whole spring mode. Draggin’ the Lines by Tommy James, Here Comes The Sun by Beatles and Beautiful Day by U2 are few of them. The can make you get up from your seats and the whole atmosphere.

Renewal of life is what spring is all about. Looking at the melted snow and the fresh grass in the lawns one learns to appreciate the wondrous way our planet operates in. It is not just the new flowers that are blooming but it is also a reaffirmation of the fact that no matter how dead or still your life can get, there will always come a day which will give you an opportunity to relive and get the joyous days back in your life. That’s why the word rejoice is so apt. When the letters “re” are attached to some word it means a repetition and that something is happening again, like in “re-member, re-unite, re-peat”. And then there is “re-joice”. The joy which existed in your life but took a dramatic exist of late can be returned. Just like the whole planet and the nature returns back to its alluring form. You too can bring the joy and the excitement back in your life and what can be a better time to do that than this wonderful season.

days to rejoice spring 5

So yes it is spring, flutter your wing, dance and sing, tada ding ding ding!
PS- Sorry for my utterly poor rhyming skills!

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