Dead End ahead? Make Your Own Way

Before we turn the right age to hold a driving license in our hands, most of us would have already learned how to drive. I asked a few people, about what would they do if found themselves in a dead end! While driving in an unfamiliar path? Many had a ready answer, to tell me that they will take a turn and find another path or return the same path they came and see if they can find another alternative path or ask for help if they could find someone. I agreed, that is what anyone would do, isn’t it?

Life! Also seems to happen in the similar pattern. At certain point or a certain age our parents/guardians give us that imaginary license through which we start leading our lives on our own and sometimes there will be situations which might lead to a dead end.

But dead end in life is not as simple as driving on a road isn’t it? Some of us panic, loose faith, loose our self-confidence, and might feel its really an end.

In truth, there is no end, and as long as we are alive there is still a purpose and there is always a way out. The solution to find a way from a dead end in life, is as simple as finding a way while driving, Take a turn, find new path or dig your own path if need be. To do so you have to build courage and that is the toughest part, though does not mean its not possible.

 “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear”

-Mark Twain

When we want something desperately, we might find ourselves in such a situation sometimes that we might not know what to do next or how to achieve our goals. Life feels like its stopped and there is a dead end ahead and no way to lead on. If you are reading this article, then remember the words and ingrain it in your brains forever that there is always a way, and all you have to do is find it. I had been there and felt the same, but I also built my courage and know how it feels to take a turn and find your path back to find peace.

Each person have their own ways of motivating themselves and make the changes required to keep them going. But there are some things if developed, can help a great deal in building courage while you feel there is no road ahead or when you feel stagnant.

Look Back


Well, if you reached a dead end, then you sure know now, that the path you had been leading is a wrong one. Look back once and take some time to relax and to think where did you go wrong. ‘He who sows hurry, only reaps indigestion’ so slow down and think of all the possible mistakes or miss-turns you have made in life. Once you realized where you went wrong or if there was something which could have been done differently, go back and try to correct your mistakes or if you cannot correct it, try doing it differently. An approach will always lead to new paths, openings or beginnings.

Revise goals


Our goal is always the same, but the way to approach them might differ. Once after realizing the mistakes, revise your goals and wants and decide what is it exactly you want or looking for. Sometimes our priorities change and the goal which we want to achieve might not be the same, instead could be just a lead of someone else. Such are the times, we find ourselves in a dead end. So revise your goals and decide what is it you really want out of your life.

Make plans and change directions


Now, we know where we were wrong, and we know what we want. What needed is how to reach there. The path which you need to locate or create, to lead where you want to be. “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. So draw out a plan as how you have to reach your goals. The first is, make sure that you do not do it the same way which was done before that lead you to a dead end. Make changes, reach out people who can be of some assistance and who wish to guide you. Once you are ready with your planning execute it. I do not promise you that it will be a walk on a bed of roses. There will be hurdles, and to reach our goals we should never stop moving forward until we reach where we want to be. A goal here can be anything, it is what, makes you happy and keeps you peaceful.

 Although, we might find new path and newer ways to reach our goals, there is no guarantee that the path we have taken is the right one. Sometimes there is a possibility of failure again. Do not stop when that happens, repeat the process and keep trying until you find the right path.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave trail”. So listen to your inner conscious and go in the directions which your mind says is the right one.

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