Dealing with Problems and being a Happier Person

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.”

~ Steve Maraboli

Problems, issues, struggles, hardships, none of these are new to us. We all have been there and experienced them. Some knocked us down while others made us stronger but in the end somehow we managed to get through them. Problems are a part of life and no matter how much one tries to be away from them they do have a way to find you. So, how to have a problem free life? Well you certainly cannot but you sure can learn a way to deal with them and be a happier person.

One particular situation can make different people act very differently. Where one person might be moaning over it and getting all depressed there will always be another one who will get over it rather easily and will find a brighter side in the same situation. But what is the right way to deal with them? When life gives you all reasons to break down and there seems to be more hurdles than openings and more impediments than facilitations than before getting anxious try considering these-

Does worrying about it helping you solve the problem?

dealing with problems

It never can. Staying troubled and apprehensive can never lead you towards any solution. In fact it blocks up your mind making you lose your ability to think cleverly and get through the problems. Now there are two types of troubles you can get to face in life. First ones are those over which you have a control. And then there are those over which you have no control. For ex, you didn’t study for a test and ultimately got flunked. Well, you should have studied hard but once you have failed does worrying over it can change the result? Does sitting in a corner and sobbing over it can change what has already happened? You lost your dear pet and I know it can break one’s heart more than anything and you have all the right to be sad and upset but does your moaning over it can help you bring it back? On the other hand stressing over the situations which you have a control over can be useless as well. Instead one shall be working on finding a solution rather than creating a trouble bubble around themselves and getting locked inside shutting the outside world.

Is it worth it?

dealing with problems 2

A lot of people have a tendency to lay unnecessary stress upon minute events. The moment something unfavourable happens, no matter how irrelevant it is, they spoil their mood and become sad. But one has to ask themselves that is the problem you are worrying about worth it? Is it important enough that it robs off your peace of mind and steals away your right to smile? Do you prioritize your own happiness first or can let any stupid thing mess with your happiness?

Look at a brighter side

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Every situation bringing sorrow also brings a reason for joy. It’s just that usually the joy part is hidden somewhere but it is there. Every situation has something positive. “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

 ~Alexander Graham Bell

Opportunities you miss upon do make you get prepared for some better ones. But important is that we try to find the positive side and focus on that. And when one lives life with a positive attitude they do manage to find something optimistic and cheerful about the same situations. And what do they say? “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” Hell yeah! That’s the kind of attitude I am talking about!

Talk your heart out

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Sharing your joys with your close ones doubles your joys while sharing with them your sorrows can half them. There is actually a lot of truth over there. Talking to someone your heart out can help in more than one way. They can either directly help you with your problem or at least give you a moral support which will in turn help you in dealing with it. And talking to somebody does not mean you have to take advice from them or do as they say. But it simply means shedding off some burden and opening up to a person you feel comfortable with. The least they will do is listen and that helps a lot my friend. Believing that you are independent and strong enough to face the situations on your own isn’t always the smartest choice. But talking to a friend, a family member, your spouse or anybody you consider close to can help greatly in getting through some most difficult of situations.

You can get through this

No matter what we think of ourselves, one is always stronger than they know. All it takes is a little faith, determination and hope. Life put you into a grinding situations and you say “Why me?” Why not try saying “Try me”. You are strong enough and have an incredible potential to become a happier person, but only if you wish to be!

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