It was The Dirty Picture That Cleansed The Dirt

Yes! You are absolutely right, I am talking about the national award winner actress Vidya Balan’s The Dirty Picture ; a film that changed her life, a milestone in her carrier journey that fetched her accolades and immense respect as an actress across the globe. She describes the film as the most liberating and joyous experience as an artist; a character so unconventional that very few would like to risk but she went through it flawlessly. The film entertained the whole country and she was on the throne after that. But it wasn’t just vidya who got benefits by this. There was a girl in narrow lanes of old Bhopal who got the epiphany when the film struck her life. No, she wasn’t the partner in the film making but yes some free spirited and alive characteristics of the protagonist changed her part in her life dramatically. It helped her to unshackle herself.



Small things start us in new ways of thinking.” – V. S. Naipaul    

Everything in life that surrounds us; be it nature, people, animals, plants, rivers, sun, music, movie or books; they all have something to say or to deliver. The need is to have that eye to perceive the insights that are being radiated via these sources. Who knows what can help us to battle with our inner conflicts and complexes. Sometimes solutions are in the air. Sometimes a flying eagle can reignite the lost passion within us. Sometimes a soothing music can be companion of the forlorn night and sometimes a smiling child can bring back our innocence. Really, small things too have the capability to upswing our thinking process and get the treasure of solutions and this time it occurred with that small town Bhopal girl.

‘ Priyanka bakshi ‘, as the name was called by teacher in the class room during attendance; few boys from the back bench shouted ‘moti‘ and giggled. Few guys from the second last bench also supported in this act. Priyanka gave her attendance and looked back at them annoyingly. She was a thoughtful, studious, ambitious girl but somewhere her personality came out as aloof across the people, which she was not actually. From the childhood, she was a fat child and adolescence period too had this phase of obesity. It is not that she didn’t try to be lean. She tried as much and as many things she could but it was almost impossible to turn out that desirable way. She had already gathered many nick names in these 19 years of her life from her relatives to her few in number so called friends. Many times people used those names just to annoy her or to make fun of her. Though she was talented and bright in her realm, she had been fed up of coping up with this getting annoyed or feeling neglected. Everything was good but not getting involved with people had carved a sense of inferiority and differentiation in her.

light of hope

I find hope in the darkest of days and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” – Dalai Lama

It is said that a new dawn arrives after a pitch dark night. Bright, sunny days and gloomy ones are part of the same cycle. Everyone goes through the zigzag of life and experiences the gamut of emotions. Sometimes life gives us surprises. One must not lose hope and specially a girl like priyanka ; God can never be so cruel to such a lovely heart.    

A yelling tune of  ‘Nakka Mukka’ arose from the drawing room’s TV and priyanka came running to see the promos of her favorite actress’s film. It was Vidya Balan’s  ‘The Dirty Picture ’. The first promo itself had gathered the attention and teasers had been launched. She saw the promo and went back to her room to study again. Her only hobby was to watch films and to review on them except her studies. She had her own mind about films and had a cinematic sense and interest too. She was quite excited to see her favorite actress in such a varied role.

And the day arrived but the problem was still the same. She hardly had friends but somehow she managed to go to watch the film with her classmates. As classmates were aware of her inclination towards cinema so they trusted her taste blindly and reached the cinema hall. There were huge posters of Vidya Balan and excitement was at its peak to see the actress’s bravura performance. They all entered into hall.


Film ended. Rush was taking a way to exit, some were whistling, some were humming the song, some were discussing and amid all of that the very thoughtful ardent fan of actress with her group was contemplating on something while leaving the hall. Whereas all her classmates were discussing about lavishly shot songs, she was thinking about the graph of characterization of the lead.

The protagonist of the film was brazen, yes she was but the control of her life was in her hands. She chose the tough path but never gave up. She too was fat but turned that into her strength. People judged her in every step of her life but she never deemed that. She paved her path on her own terms and celebrated herself completely despite of however she was and whatever people called her. She never thought what people think about her, it was her strength. She accepted herself wholly and was comfortable with it. Though she had bad habits but her share of strengths can’t be ignored. She enjoyed the success up to when she was carefree and her degradation started when she started to ponder over what people think about her.


“ There is nothing better when something comes and hits you and you think ‘YES’! ” – J.K. Rowling

Truly! It feels liberated and unfettered when something, which we never thought of, touches the heart and empowers us. Priyanka was in the awe of the character’s carefree and celebrating attitude towards life and it was her adored actress’s film so it worked double time for her.

As if she got freedom, she understood that if she is unable to accept herself the way she is, how can she expect people to accept her this way? She should be grateful for what she has and shouldn’t bother about what people think about her. She can win over hearts by her strengths. She should celebrate her strengths in all the ways always.

Priyanka and her classmates left for home. There was a sense of pride and freedom which could be seen on her face.

The picture was dirty as it says but was it really? It cleansed the dirt of self criticism and pity from Priyanka’s mind and sowed a seed of freedom and self acceptance.

Actually nothing is dirty but how we perceive the things and what we choose to imbibe that’s what makes it dirty or beautiful.

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