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What is the first thought that you get when you hear the word love? I guess those archetypal lovers alike romeo and Juliet romancing in the balconies and eloping away from their families. Love is a mixed feeling. It consists of affection, pleasure, attachment and attraction. Whether you express it in action or a feeling, it boils down to one thing that you have fallen for something. Notice that I write thing rather somebody. Hence the write up not will not focus on your love lives and crushes, when it comes to love; it can also be a virtue of compassion, helping and affection. Love one, love all means you have compassionate feelings for yourself, other people and even animals. If you are unselfish and benevolently ready to love and sacrifice, you have fallen for something great and that great thing is human virtue. In order to continue our species and maintain harmony and togetherness, it can be thought of as a common dividing function which unites us all. In the words of martin Luther king, darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.


By seeking to love, a more peaceful world will be created. The problems in hand which can be solved by peaceful talks and sorted out minds need not be carved by blood stains. Along with love come the golden virtues of tolerance and patience. Losing your anger in front of millions is a matter of seconds but winning those people’s trust is a matter of years. Tolerance is something which will stabilise your life and the people around you will be affected by it. When you love others, you accept and appreciate their diversity, the truth of modern society. You have the willingness to live and let others live in peace too. If you are dark about the ways to love others in a society, then this will give you some thought provoking yet simple ideas on how to love and send the message. Do you often think of love being attached to the terms like, unconditional, expecting nothing in return and empathy? If this is so, then you are on the right track.


Before you start with this process, you need to accept your past and wrongdoings. It is a fact that we are never able to forget until we accept our mistakes and learn to forgive ourselves. It is true everyone is not perfect, the same goes with you. You wronged someone, accept and let go of it. Before loving anyone else, you have to love yourself. This sends out a positive message that you are worthy of being loved. Build your self-confidence and start to change your notions about perfection. Just to tell that you need not fit into the perfect person list, because there is none such.


Notice when you offer a toffee to a child or even your friend. The lips curl and you receive heartfelt thanks. This shows that you have something to offer which does not make you a leech. Work on giving as much as you take, in building your relationships. Be it your life partner or other platonic relationships, you will be definitely set for success. Among the things which you can give, your time is the most valuable of all. Your family might not ask for big birthday gifts or your parents will never ask for anniversary presents, but if you are responsible enough to part with your time, they will know that you care. No matter how busy you stay with your studies or job front, you are thoughtful enough. The next time your mother calls you for no good reason, try and be patient before you lash out on her saying you are busy like a bee. Respecting someone is an incredible part of loving them in return. Your friends, family and your lovers deserve your respect. It boils down to the fact that you realize that they are worthy people and have a significant amount of niche in your lives. If you cannot think of the other person to be having their own desires, wishes and dignity, then you certainly cannot love them.


Focus on the positive traits of a person. Find the things that you love in others and love them for those reasons. Do not hate them for their bad traits. If you are too focused on the nit-picky things, then your relationship will face too many troubles. There are innumerable things that annoy and irritate us, you cannot go about being s social police and beat the hell out of every other person who ever wronged you. The catch lies in the fact that you need to embrace their negatives too. Accepting their negative traits as good as loves their positives. You need to accept them completely. Be it your friends or colleagues, I certainly do not speak of monitoring their lives and negatives, of course you would not be able to do that. But if you wish to keep your work going smoothly, you need to loosen up. The best way to forgive and forget is to find humour in the things they do. So be a good friend and communicate well. This world is way better than protecting its borders by guns. And your life is certainly not for whiling away hating others.

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