Discriminating Humans: a Testament of a Shallow Self


“Brides wanted!! FAIR, slim, highly educated…so on”, these are the common lines that we come across in the matrimonial advertisements. Ever wondered why the skin color is always mentioned, it is because it is a general perception of people that the fairness of the skin is in direct proportion to the outer beauty of the person. Do you know who is responsible for inducing these kinds of concepts in our minds? Well, it is the tradition of discrimination that has is being followed among the human beings since the olden times. Most importantly, this discrimination is not only on the basis of skin color, there have been quite a different number of categories on the basis of which the humans are distinguished. The most important and the widely followed ones are on the basis of color, castes, gender and religion.


The birth of the concept of discrimination can be traced back to the olden times where the Indian society was divided into various castes and each of these castes were assigned the prominent duties ; castes’ hierarchy was decided and people from superior caste could order the ones from the lower castes. This brought in the concept of ‘Harijans’-the untouchables. This category included those people who were socially boycotted and were only meant to be the slaves. Mahatma Gandhi did work towards eradicating this problem and he did succeed in doing so to a certain extent.


While we were busy distinguishing and assigning different castes to different people; people in the west developed a new concept of biasing between people and that was on the basis of their skin color. The whites were considered to be superior as compared to the blacks. Sir martin Luther King did contribute a lot towards solving this problem. Sir Martin during his struggle once quoted, “Discrimination is a hell hound that gnaws at Negros in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them .” Now, when people were tired of these kinds of discrimination they then switched over to new ways of discrimination and that was on the basis of gender. On the basis of gender, people concluded that woman was the weaker gender out of the two.

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The discrimination of people on the basis of gender is not at all hidden from us. No matter how much advanced we become at one or other point of time each and every one of us do fall prey to either of these kinds of discrimination. There have been many cases of female foeticide wherein a couple abdicate their female fetus. Now how ruthless is that! We are all the children of God and it is he who has created this nature. Ever single iota of the element present on this earth has been created for a reason and it is up to the supreme power to decide how they should be and what role should each one of them should play. We are just a part of this universe created by god but since we are the most advanced ones, human being has started assuming him to be the master of the earth and hence treats everybody the way he wants.


Discrimination is nothing but a deadly parasite that is slowly excavating our society and our individual personality. Today, even a small girl is conscious about her skin color because like everybody else she also wants to look beautiful and she has been taught has the fair skin is beautiful; for them the inner beauty does not matter at all. This is the education that we are giving to these tender minds that learn whatever is taught to them without rationalizing things. Talking about gender discrimination, girls today are excelling in each and every field; they are joining forces as well; so why is it that she is considered to be the weaker sex. Is it just because she is soft, kind-hearted, and merciful? These qualities nurture one’s nature and do not make them. Talking about religious discrimination, I think the Constitution of each and every country of this world allows the freedom to follow the religion we want. Religion is nothing but one of the means to get closer to the deity and whatever religious practices persist they are just to please the god then how can we conclude anything about anybody on the basis of his religious beliefs?


When I see these things the question which often arises in my mind is when our creator himself does not discriminates between his creations then who has given this authority to discriminate to the human beings? For god every element on this earth is dear to him because all of us are his creations and he has endowed each one of us with one or the other special quality which makes us unique and that is the only point of difference that he has created and nothing else.


Since every creation is dear to god whenever we hurt them we are actually hurting god consequently. What is the importance of chanting those hymns daily when ultimately we are hurting the same god by our actions? God has created everything and every cell is important for maintaining the required balance in nature. Scientifically speaking even the smallest decomposer has a great role to play in nature and disappearance of any of the elements can prove to be fatal to us. Therefore we should never under estimate anybody. The power of discrimination lies only in the hands of our creator and hence discrimination by human beings can never be justified.

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