Display the Humanity, Prove You’re Human

Humanity represents faith, hope, love, compassion, care and affection. Humanity also represents hate, resentment, bloodshed and betrayal. Who are we? An amalgamation of the two or just a representation of one of the two sides of humanity! These questions baffle many. Answers are perhaps nonexistent.

The truth is that we are all different and should remain so. Never in our lives should we try to imitate others. You are unique and you must respect that. Every human being has the right to search for happiness, i.e. something that makes him or her content. Happiness is not to be mistaken with something that is supposed to please others. We must break down the walls separating us from our fellow human beings. These walls serve no purpose except debilitating and depriving us. Humans profoundly attach themselves to some people and detach themselves from others. It is to be learnt that attachment enriches us while detachment mutilates our being. None of them serves a higher purpose in life. Therefore, our choices need to be wiser. Everything that is done in the present affects the future and affects the past equally. We do not make alliances with our enemies. However, we should learn to love them as they are the ones who make us familiar with our true strength of character. We should struggle against them. At the same time, we must learn to respect our enemies because they help us fight our won battle with ourselves and make us stronger.

We tend to live our lives with dreams, aspirations and hopes. We dream to live our own legend. We aspire to personify ourselves as people we look up to, people we admire. We dream to live life according to our own whims and fancies which is a legitimate demand. Humanity does not take life for granted and believes in living life to the fullest. All this is manifested in our enthusiasm, actions and deeds. Every human being has the ability to choose. The choices are ours- right or wrong, good or bad. Our choices lead us to the path of destiny. Our choices and not luck shape the journey of our lives. Every human being is bound to society and God. An individual is not an abstract entity. He or she is embedded in the society, culture and lineage that he or she follows. Our societal connections help us in identifying ourselves in this crowd of billions. Our association with God keeps us grounded and fully aware of what we desire in life.

statutes of humanity

Every human being keeps alive within them the secret and sacred flame of madness. Madness should never be lost. It is the true reflection of our soul. Every human being has the personal freedom to exercise his or her own sexual identity without guilt and restraint. Every man has a feminine side and every woman a masculine side and it is important to identify that important, unnoticed part of our body and soul.  God has bestowed on us many amazing gifts such as power, action and contemplation. All these three virtues direct us towards our destiny and shape our life.

Not everyone is believes in God. Some humans are religious beings while others acknowledge spirituality. However, all religions lead to the same God and all deserve the same respect. The God, i.e. the inner self or our conscience guides us and directs us towards performing good deeds. Religion is often used as a methodology to defend one’s unjust acts. Religion at times makes a person weak and cowardly. In the name of religion, numerous horrendous deeds are performed. However, one must understand that religion is just equivalent to choosing a collective way of worshipping and sharing the mysteries. A person himself is responsible for his or her actions along the way. It is not right to shift responsibility for any personal decisions onto religion. Religion is just a guiding light, a source of inspiration. Religion does not decide your course of action and the consequences attached to it.

Human beings, at times, commit grave faults such as not respecting one another’s rights. This is sheer cowardice. Equal treatment should be meted out to one and all. We should treat others the way we would want to be treated. Lack of respect for other’s rights leads to downgrading of our own self. Every human being is here on Earth due to God’s will. However, we ourselves create a deep divide between us by not respecting other individuals. Claiming each and everything for yourself and not being sensitive to other’s needs is detrimental to society. Also, feeling guilty for your actions committed out of choice is reproachable. Pangs of guilt lead you nowhere. In fact, they aggravate the problem and fill your soul with frustration to the brim.

A person gets whatever he deserves in his or her life. Feeling that one does not deserve the good or ill that happens in one’s life is futile. At times, the mind is filled with questions such as “Why ME?” However, one must understand that everything happens for a reason. Allowing oneself to be paralyzed by fear is the gravest mistake that man can commit. Fear is unjustifiable to your soul.


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