All That Glows is Not Gold, It is The Flame Instead


It is the 21st century, and our day and age is a fast moving and futuristic one. This time is probably when we have reached to the pinnacle of development, not only in technology but also in, understanding customs of the community, updating laws more suited for the current choices and beliefs that the people is also a must along with the other developments. Our ancestors and predecessors worked hard for a life similar to the one which has been formed now for everyone. There has been considerable progress from the primitive traditions and erroneous practices, which has paved way for the unorthodox traits to be accepted and appreciated by the communities and society at large.

Even with the progress which has brought us to the current state of our things; we are hesitating to accept or adapt to these changes and debut of new techniques. The existing routines and rules have a lot of flaws, but not many are coming forward to challenge or modify them. There is an acknowledgement of the flaws and also acceptance for the people who challenge it, but no one is fully committed, on account of the ambiguity of the future that the changes bring along with them. It is the unfamiliar that is frightening, and this restricts each of us to explore the possibilities.

An example of the fear of the unfamiliar is one which we can all relate to, now the most common tool that is used in the form of work, entertainment or academics is computers, each computer has a user interface that differs from another. Even a change in the operating system or user interface of your computer is uncomfortable for people. It may be an upgrade or a change to a different brand, either ways it’s different and unfamiliar. The choices or routines that we develop are hard to change or substitute, we get uncomfortable even by a marginal change, and that is a sign of the depth in which we have comforted to our routines. The unknown is frightening even if it is better than the known, this is because you are prepared for what you know, while you are not ready for the unknown.

Educated in the fact that every choice you make changes the entire environment or affects it in some ways, therefore people are uncomfortable even with the out of the box choices of others. With the new genres of various things that need to be governed accordingly, the laws have to be modified. There has been an uproar against the 377 penal code which is breach for a person’s choice of sexual orientation, it is a fascist law that deprives people to choose a partner of their choice and gender. The adamant and stubborn stand of the people with monochromatic thinking has increased the gap between the generations born in different timelines, with different atmospheres (socially). Old is gold, but gold is not the only precious ore that glitters. An era that has built the foundations for the various luxuries that we enjoy today, fought wars for peace and pioneered in selfless sacrifices, is one of a kind and cannot be replaced; but just like developments were made on their foundations, developments should also take place on our perspectives.

There are many ways in which you can help yourself by accepting and appreciating these new changes. Other than the adaption of mechanical and electronic methods of production, utilising the creatively different methods that have been suggested are beneficial as well. There are two who have been successful in utilising the new creative methods, they are the billionaires of the pioneering computer industry, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Both billionaires were successful in their ventures despite being drop outs from the academic system. The two are the most intelligent marketing minds in the world, Steve Jobs aka ‘The Billion Dollar Hippy’ and Bill Gates who was once the world’s richest man, put the traditional norms aside and introduced products that are the most commonly used in every field of progress that was and is.

As a matter of fact, the most historic icons of these ages were the ones who fought against the primitive traditions and customs that comprised of racism, slavery, castism and fascist rulers. The likes of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi are some of many who pleaded change in places where there are unfair traits. They represented the minority, welcomed new and hopeful changes as well. We all relate to a certain kind of rebelliousness in our lives, whether it be of domestic or household or something marginally bigger. The world has always kept growing in thought and changing in style, it is our choice whether to move with the change or stay ‘golden’. Now it seems that the flame, which once shone so bright has now dimmed, it now awaits another generation to make the tomorrow a fair and just tomorrow and once again illuminate the fire brighter and taller than before.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

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