We Don’t Attract what we want, We attract what we are

‘Destiny’ is a word, with which many beliefs have been attached for a long time. Different people perceive and define it differently. Some believe in it and some say it is only a myth. But whatever may be the case, it is really fascinating; even to those who claim that they don’t really believe in it. ‘Destiny’ is something which has always been the center of attention for most. People always have a curiosity to know about destiny. But with several concepts about it, we really never get to know it in real sense.

If we start to pondering over what destiny is, then we discover, that in a simplest way it is something that comes from outside. It is something that we receive in life from outside. We always look for it outside and yes, it is something which happens to us. When suddenly a simple day turns into fantastic one, we say that today our destiny is being bright or when we end up creating a mess even after aiming and trying for a good day, we say that today, destiny is not with us.


What really made me to think about this stuff was a bad phase in my student life. During my school days I was a meritorious student but as I entered college, various changes took place and somewhere it effected me up to an extent. The impact it left on me was apparent and was well reflected in my results. I was a topper at school but this was the first time when I got terrible marks in class tests. It was really shocking and slightly shameful for me. I could not accept having scored terribly. I was facing problems in many subjects and my interest was also declining with time. This was the time when insecurity entered my mind and fear too. I could sense the difference in my level of dedication and curiosity towards my studies. I was trying hard but was feeling as if nothing was working for me. A feeling of helplessness had taken place due to some consistent failures. I really needed a helping hand and as always books played that part really well. For self motivation, I b0ught some books so that these books may give me some food for my thoughts and I may get some key points to encourage myself and bounce back in my studies. I used to read one or two pages of book and then ponder on it to bring out its essence. They really inspired me and helped me to recollect my scattered self confidence and belief. It was the first time when something had hit me badly. I had never faced such situation in my life. It was the lowest phase, which affected me the most. I hated those consistent failures of mine. I wanted to come out of it. It had been almost one year that i was in that glum state continuously. My performances were continuously going low and qualities of my thoughts too.

But these books helped me overcome self pity and pessimistic thoughts and as I became able to change my thoughts, I really saw improvement in my performance. I really worked hard and finally broke the clutter of failures. After achieving this, my state of mind was different. A sense of confidence saturated my mind.

Later, on analyzing, I realized the reason that made the difference in my life. I realized what brought me out from that first ever bad phase of my life. I got these answers as I looked at it in an introspective way. Actually there was only and only one difference that generated two different destinies for me altogether. When I was going through a bad phase , my thoughts were pessimistic and helpless but when I motivated myself and worked with the conviction to come out of that phase then this thought of passion and power drove me continuously and made me to break the barriers which were actually my own thoughts. When I changed those thoughts and replaced them with other positive and powerful ones, my whole personality changed. I tackled the same situation in a different way and destiny changed.

According to psychology, there is a belief system in each human mind, which they acquire, accumulate or observe since childhood and many of these belief systems are even carried forward since last birth. A person behaves through these belief systems. What kind of thoughts a person will create depends on this belief system. When something occurs repeatedly with us, we start to believe in that and this develops our belief system over a period of time.

In my case, when i faced those failures consistently, my perception about myself had started to change and even after many trials outwardly, that belief of failure had been deepened somewhere in subconscious  mind and it used to weaken my powerful thoughts often. But when I stuck to my conviction and decided to come out of it at any cost, I just put in my all efforts. Yeah, many times those weak thoughts came but I had decided to overcome it and after a consistent effort, my destiny changed.

At that time I realized that how thoughts create our destiny. Earlier I had heard about it but after this experience I noticed that my two different state of mind created my two different destinies. I could see the clear difference in them.

But one more thing was to be noted from this experience, which was that even in that gloomy phase I wanted to see success, I never accepted my failure. I kept on seeking the success in my life but could never achieve it at that time because I wasn’t attracting it. I was just desiring it but as I changed my thoughts, I started doing things to achieve it. I started living that conviction. Now I didn’t just want it but actually worked for it.

Whenever we wish something and create doubtful thoughts about it’s completion then  we are really not putting in our best efforts. But when we don’t only wish but also believe in it with conviction and work for it with a lot of dedication then our state of mind ignites with conviction and this conviction and hard work attracts destiny.

It is our thoughts that manifest as the destiny finally. It is our thoughts that lead to actions and it is our thoughts which make difference to our destiny.


We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we really are.

To wish or to only  imagine is not the way to achieve the desired destiny but to be the personification of those qualities through which that wish can be achieved is the way.

Stand by your conviction. This is the only way to attract the desired destiny because we don’t attract what we want, we attract what our personalities are. We attract, what we really are from inside.

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