Don’t Blame Me, I am an Adolescent

I throw tantrums at my parents. Don’t blame me, I am an adolescent. I think that I am the boss. Don’t blame me, I am an adolescent. I consider myself mature enough to tackle problems and take up responsibilities. Don’t blame me. I am an adolescent. I get pissed at petty things. Don’t blame me. I am an adolescent. I freak out during my periods. Don’t blame me. I am an adolescent. Don’t blame me. I am adolescent. I feel distracted from studies and prefer to party. Don’t blame me. I am an adolescent.  I have pimples all over my face. Don’t blame me. I am an adolescent. I know I am right and the whole world is wrong. Don’t blame me. I am an adolescent.

different stages of life

Anatomically and even psychologically, humans have various phases of life. These phases are categorized according to the their age. So when a baby is born, he is in the infant stage. Then comes childhood, adolescence, adulthood and finally the old age. Out of all the five stages of life, adolescence is the one which is the most exciting, most troublesome and most significant of all. Adolescence is the term used for the phase of life from puberty (12/13 years) till legal adulthood (18 years). But technically, adolescence is synonymous to teenage. Thus all people between the age of 12 to 19 can be categorized as adolescents. It is a transitional phase of life, the phase between childhood and adulthood. It experiences both physical as well as psychological change, which is many a times difficult to handle. An adolescent undergoes many changes, which both the person himself as well as the society has to deal with. So it is a challenging period, for the adolescent, his family, his friends and everyone around. Challenge is so huge, that it can either make your life or ruin it completely.

a depressed adolescent

Only an adolescent can tell, how it feels to an adolescent. No matter you are a girl or a boy, you have frequent mood swings, you feel irritated at everything. You feel that your parents are just too old fashioned. They don’t know anything and you are the only encyclopedia. You feel that they don’t understand you and just want to keep you caged. So, you end up fighting with them and even sometimes shouting at them, which you regret later. This is a phase when your friends are the world for you. You spend least times with the family and want to be with your friends all day long. You want to go clubbing, shopping and wanna party all night. You get so influenced by the ‘rock’ culture that you want to copy it in all terms. You become extremely beauty conscious in this stage of life. You spend hours in front of the mirror to ensure that you have worn the right dress and have made your hair the best way. You just want to be called the most sexy at the party and experience a huge inferiority complex if someone else is better than you. Biologically, both girls and boys experience massive changes in their anatomy. Girls develop breasts and also get a lot of acne. Boys also see the development of their genitals and their facial hair grows. Hormonal activities witness a spurt and sexual desires become prominent. Attraction towards the opposite sex becomes common. This brings in the whole concept of boyfriends and girlfriends, Valentine’s day, gifts, long phone calls, blind dates and so on. Life sometimes seems so beautiful and charming while it may become extremely difficult and dreadful the very next moment for you. Exams are the most horrifying of all and holidays are the most exciting. Money seems to be growing on trees and wastage is just no issue. Facebook, whatsapp and twitter become your lifeline. You tend to get anti-social with people around you but ironically you are highly active on social networking sites. Latest songs, latest gadgets, latest fashion becomes a fantasy. One day you hate your parents and the other day you realize that there is no one in the world like them. Life is just so much exciting.

a free bird

But life is not always a bed of roses. If adolescence comes with a super exciting life, it also brings in some deadly elements. Adolescence is a very precarious stage. Your mind functions in a way that you just can’t make out what is right and what is wrong.  This way you can fall into a big trouble. You tend to take many wrong decisions in life and thus the whole life falls to ruins. You may come get along with a wrong person and thus indulge into smoking, drinking and even in taking drugs. Peer pressure makes you take many foolish steps. You may indulge into a sexual relationship with someone and thus perish for life if you get pregnant. You may fail in exams if you are distracted and thus your career goes for a six. Thus adolescence is a very delicate and crucial phase of life. In order to enjoy this stage and remain focused at the same time, the teenagers need proper guidance and support from their parents, teachers and even their friends. But at the same time, the teenagers are also liable to show adequate maturity and take every step with caution maintaining a balance between enjoyment and distraction.


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