Don’t Let The Generation Gap Create A Gap

In my school days, my English teacher was the one with whom I used to share all my problems. One day I told her that my parents don’t understand me at all! She explained the reason behind these types of problems. She said the reason behind this misunderstanding was time. Now a day’s parents don’t spend much time with their kids because majority of their population is working and therefore this creates a major problem between children and their parents. And this coordination problem leads to generation gap. She made it crystal clear by adding that the bonding between grandparents and children is appreciable these days just because they spend a lot of time together.


Personally I think generation gap is not given much importance but according to me it is a factor that leads to severe problems in future. The other part is I think this problem should be considered is if this first generation will face such problems then the future of the country will be at stake.

Well if we focus on this problem there more some more reasons behind this gap apart from time. Parents should work on such areas because childhood is the time when a child needs his parents the most. A child goes to school early and is ready to sleep when the parents get time for them. Ultimately this leads to time differences. All children get excited for the weekend trip and parents think that Sunday is the day to rest. What will be the outcome? Therefore this problem cannot be solved without compromising. Parents should give time to their children on weekends not all the Sundays but plan accordingly. Keep every alternative Sundays for your kids. I am sure they’ll appreciate this too!

The time is different and so the generation is. If your child is going to the school and he is been bullied for not owning a smart phone then he will definitely feel awkward. At the other place if you will also restrict the use of smart phone, then this problem will definitely lead to some bigger stage. There is a solution to this problem but both have to compromise on the conditions given by each other. If you are fulfilling the demand of a smart phone then the child should be also told to compromise by using it for a limited period of time.

Apart from this I think another factor that leads to generation gap is the way of thinking. My relatives always complain about their kids for their habits. Parents should understand, their kids need them! And at this age if the differences will create it will lead to different consequences. Children now a day’s prefer lying rather than making their parents understand what they are up to. On the other hand if parents and children will have good mutual understanding then ultimately this lying step won’t be taken by their kids.



Your generation was way different than today’s generation. Cell phones at your age were rare and you dint know about love or crush at the school age. Movies, hangouts, food were not common at your time. But today they are! Give your child the freedom to step out and trust him. Because unless until you will not trust him you cannot share a good bond with your kid. Gradually he will realize himself that your trust is actually important to him. And to all the kids out there try and understand your parents. They worry a lot about you and frequent hangouts are actually not needed. Take some mutual decision because your parents will never do anything wrong with you.

Parents, Spend time with your kids. Share your life with them. They will get open with you with passage of time. Maintain a friendly relationship and let them share their thoughts with you. This is a better option than catching them later for something wrong. On the other hand, children your parents handle a lot more situations than you think. Their life style is way different than yours. Offer a helping hand instead whenever they come back from office don’t just jump on them with your problems. Instead wait for them to get relaxed and then they will definitely listen to your problems.

I myself face this generation gap a lot. In the initial days of my college, I used to argue every third day with my dad about my expenses, because he used to give me money according to his time. But then one day I asked him to talk to me regarding the expenses. We both sat together and I gave him the proper list of each and everything. Then he understood that yes, my pocket money should be increased.


The point is I personally found the solution to this problem was sharing the problem and views.

Generation gap I think is actually is very simple to solve, but one should bother. Parents don’t think your child is at some wrong way. Only you can help your children and no one else will. Their thinking pattern changes; the way they look at the world change; the way they express feelings change. Parents should learn to understand the growth of the kids. Never make your child feeling ashamed of the parents.

Mutual understanding is healthy in every way. One should maintain it in every possible way. And your kids need you the most. You are the only well wisher. Their right and wrong will depend on you. There is no one else out there who will guide them right.

Hence, parents WAKE UP! Forget whatever happened in the past and give another try. Let’s give it another try and I am sure this will help you as well as your kids!

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