Don’t Let a Number Hold You Back

As children we would always look around and notice our parents, elder siblings, members from the family and wonder when would we really grow up too. We would look at our working parents, our independent siblings and want to get rid of our lolly-pop-licking days and be a part of the grown-ups. And as children we would then decorate all these dreams and wishes that we desired to fulfill once we grow up. But soon time passes and we don’t even realize that we already have grown up and have started to hesitate to do things because we are now this much number. Most of us end up following the conventions of this society. When I am 15, I want a good college, when 23, I want a good job, marry when 30, family by 35, work effortlessly for the secured future of my children, guide them and see them settle, retire by 60′s and finally wait to die.
Is this how you want to live your life? Well, most of us already are. So when you were a child you had all these fancy dreams which seemed so real and beautiful then. But as you grow, you make yourself believe that those dreams were just immature or may be unpractical. But you forget the fact that as a child you were never afraid to dream and as you grow, your dreams succumb to the conventionality of life. But why? We tend to give up on those dreams because we are taught to live by the conventional way. There is nothing wrong in living conventionally, but do you really live that way? People make this entire plan for life; about what they would do once they turn this much number. But life never comes planned and systematically arranged to you. It comes haphazardly, random and unsolved. It’s up to you how you want to sort it out; conventionally or your way.
A spiritual Guru I know once explained to me the pattern of our conventional lives:
“Let me get into a good college first, then I’ll enjoy for some time. Let me study hard and earn a high profile job then I’ll enjoy my life (Your turn 25 already). Let me earn really well then I’ll enjoy life with my own earned money (You turn 30). I’m now getting married; I have other responsibilities to shoulder. I’ll enjoy this journey with my life partner (You are now 35). Let me work overtime and harder for my children (You are 45). Let me see my children settle in their lives, and then I’ll be relieved of worries and then live well and carefree. You are 60, saving money and health for old age. You turn around or above 70; so finally you are either alone, abandoned, diseased or already deceased. So tell me, how well and enough have you lived for yourself?”
It made me wonder; how most of us live for the sake of it and don’t even realize when the end has already arrived. But why don’t we change it our way? Living for your happiness is nothing selfish; it’s your only life after all. No one is asking you to run from your responsibilities; do study, do work and earn, do shoulder responsibilities but DO live too. We all need to learn how to balance between the things that help us survive and the things that make us live; happily. Why not start living at this very moment, taking time out for yourself before it’s too late and you’re 80 or so and ready to die already?

Now is the time

This is not how I want to live, because all I have is this one life and I want to live it MY way.
Make a bucket list of your wishes and make them happen to you. Go traveling; either alone or with friends or family, explore new places, click photographs and save it in your treasure of memories, figure out what you are passionate about and what makes you happy, eat food from different cuisines, meet new people, fall in love all over again, spend time knowing yourself, learn to play a musical instrument and see how melodious and rhythmic your life becomes, go Bungee jumping, sky diving, a new adventure, spend time with nature, learn a new language, bake cakes and cookies and never be afraid of those delicious calories; see there’s so much to do that one can go on and on! But let your energy channelize into such activities that are right and bring you happiness. Listen to your heart sometimes, because this life is always going to be so hectic that it will suck out your wishes and force you to live with countless burdens.
Realize that you are never too old to dream, do crazy happy things and live your life the way you want to. Age is just a number. And never be held back by it. Life is much more beyond a number. Don’t wait till 70 for the right time to arrive. The time is now, and your present of happiness lives here. Don’t live by the rules of others’ lives. Make your rules; go beyond your reach to make things happen your way.

If you don’t have time to live your life now, when will you?
Live your life, forget your age

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