Don’t Wait to Lose, Realize What You Have

dont take for granted

Many a times in life, we have lost something we never thought we could ever lose. Things we considered a permanent part of our lives which could never vanish,ever. 

Things we thought are only meant for us, but due to this ever changing life they are not with us anymore. One fine day we open our eyes and realize that somebody isn’t there in our life anymore. 

That person who made up our life,who used to be the strength,isn’t there anymore. Be it your ‘go-to person’ grandparents,best/good friends,family,or a colleague,
we realize the importance they used to hold once they aren’t  in our life anymore. Their absence makes us realize what roles they have played in our life and in shaping our personality.
There are many things we fail to realize the true value of until they are missing from our lives. Not just things or people, think about the technology we are using.
The Internet,cellphones, to a simple table fan. We don’t realize how they are helping in making our life smooth until we don’t have access to them anymore.We all start our day with checking emails,messages,number of calls missed on our cellphones or laptops, it makes us stay connected to the people instantly that we reply to them using the Internet and the high end gadgets we all posses. But think about a day when you do not have Internet,your phone is not working and your computer/laptop is not with you. How handicapped a person feels once the things which comprise our life do not work,and then we realize that how much importance they hold in our life. Our parents/grandparents,who are not from the tech savvy generation,cherish these gadgets and the technology much more than we do. Just because of the fact that they had to resort to writing letters to their loved ones,go to public phone booths to call their concerned ones and used to fan themselves with their hands when they did not have access to electricity or table fans.
We sometimes realize the value of a simple pen once we are not able to find it when we have to note something down,being on an important call. How a simple pen holds so much importance when you are in  hurry to take something down, and henceforth you make sure you keep a pen handy in the drawer you always look into to find a pen.
Girls today,having perfect healthy bodies want to become thinner just to follow the skinny models on TV,thinking they will be able to wear what they like ,but once they start losing weight and become like those frail models they realize what they have lost,– A healthy figure which used to portray them as a happy and healthy person on whom clothes used to suit rather than seem like their hanging on a cloth hanger. Being one of them I realize what I had, and no matter how much I try,cannot become what I was before.Got what I wished for,but I realize the value of what I used to take for granted. My health. 
Your parents or grandparents for example,spending time with them feels like the toughest job in the world. Who will sit with them pretending to be interested in what they have to say,the life lessons they are trying to give ,their life’s story? They seem boring and lame. But when we lose them,we realize how important they were and how we used to take them for granted.
Our parents/grandparents who seem old and boring are the ones who have experienced the phase of life we are in,much much earlier. They know what we think  and what we ought to do in life,
They aim to protect us from the mistakes they might have made in their childhood,hence they insist on us sitting with them an hearing them out. Talking to them just to share our life with them.
They are the ones who have brought us up to what we are, made us capable enough to read this article,and we cease to even spend time with them.
Our grandparents who are now in an age where they are becoming childlike mentally,are the ones who need us to spend time with them the most. They want to hear us speak,help them in their last years and spend time with us till they can.
When we lose such important people we realize what all we wanted to say to them but couldn’t say just because we never thought they could leave us. But yes they did,and no we sit in regret thinking I wish I could have spent some  more time with him/her.
We regret why we couldn’t keep that mug of coffee on the side table and kept it on the laptop due to laziness,and now it’s all spilled on the laptop and it’s gone for repair ,costing a fortune of your pocket money and delaying work which is due tomorrow.
We regret how we took that friend for granted who actually used to take care of you when you felt all alone,but now when you need him/her,they don’t respond back to you,just because you couldn’t value them.
It all comes back to tell us that we shouldn’t wait to lose,we should realize what we have. Starting right now! Else it might be too late.

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