Don’t Wait For Others, Do It

People throw wrappers on the road and no one cares. We feel that the environment should be kept clean but when it comes to showing responsibility, we behave like others too. We like following what others do. Never do we try and listen to our own conscience. We think that if the whole world is doing it, why should I be the odd one out. Only when some brave person takes the initiative to work differently, we tend to follow him/her.

We are the ones we have been waiting for

This is what we experience everyday yet we tend to ignore it. Most humans have this tendency to wait and watch! 99% of the people would never take up an initiative and wait for others to do it and then see what the majority is doing and then finally join the bandwagon. We always say, “why only me? why can’t the others do it first?” And when someone actually comes forward and takes the initiative, we are like, “even I had thought the same thing.” Yes, this happens and yes we also do it. We don’t realise it, but we all stand in the same boat. This kind if attitude is common and usual. It is present in little things that we do everyday and thus fail to observe it. Sitting in class, if ma’am asks me a question, I say,” no ma’am, start with her. I will answer afterwards.”  If I have a doubt about something, I am too scared to ask the teacher and thus try to convince my friend to start the conversation and I follow. At a wedding also, I am too shy to go and be the first one to dance even though I am a brilliant dancer and just can’t wait to rock the floor. I wait for others to come up and then I join them. This is not a specific problem. All of us, at some point of time in our lives have definitely gone through this.

Don't complain, change it yourself

On a macro level, there are situations when we feel proud and all the more bold to criticise the system, but just don’t have the caliber to do something ourselves. We get annoyed at the dirty streets around us and go on and on about how other people lack civic sense and are just so dumb. But in all this criticism, we fail to recall how many times we have dumped the same garbage on the road. We attend lectures about sustainable development, we give insights about environmental protection and we express concerns over global warming, but we fail to realise how big a role we play in environmental degradation. We teach our students to switch off the lights when not in use, but we don’t do it ourselves. We crib about that the world is falling to ruins but we don’t care to do anything about it. We talk about how we should not practice racism or discriminate against LGBTs but get involved in it every time. We just know how to blame others, we don’t know how to quantify what we have done to change the system. As they say, if you point 1 finger towards others, the rest 3 are towards you. So if you criticise others for doing something wrong, first look at yourself and introspect what have you done about it or are you really willing to do something?

I am the change I want to see

Revered Mahatma Gandhi had once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Instead of blaming others for doing something wrong, go and do it the right way. Instead of criticising the faulty system over steamy cups of coffee in the canteen, go and find measures to be the change. Don’t wait for others to begin, you be the beginner. If ten people break the traffic signal. Don’t be the eleventh. Be the first one to stop at the red light and hundreds will follow you. Don’t blame the government for being corrupt. Think about how many times you have bribed an officer for favours. Don’t wait for others to pick up the toffee wrapper, go and dump it in the bin. If people didn’t bother about it till then, they would definitely do once you start it. If everyone will say why should I be the first one to plant a tree, there will be not a single tree on this earth. But if everyone will say let me be the first one to do it, the earth would be greener once again. Never ever join the bandwagon. Never go by the what the majority is doing,take the road less traveled. Though the beginning would be a bit difficult and challenging yet the end would be fruitful. You may not have any supporters in the beginning, but towards the end, the whole world would acknowledge your work. We all have mastered the art of criticism. What we know need to work upon is the art of initiation. The art of thinking differently, the art of saying ‘yes I will do it’, the art of saying ‘let me be the change’. So next time, don’t say, “Why me first?”. Instead say, “Yes, I will go first.”

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