A Dream that ended the Nightmare

She was shivering from fear at that night. The endurance had surpassed its limits. Weeping around a corner, she was alone in that dark room. Fear had covered her mental state so much that even after having an urge to cry loudly, she was being unable to do so. So many things were running simultaneously in her mind. Anxiety, fear, repentance and a feeling of helplessness, she was living in these poisonous feelings since a long time but today it had reached its apex. The mental torture that she had gone through had crushed her self-confidence and inner strength completely. She was scattered and full of fear.


Tears didn’t seem to stop and perspiration too. Closed in that single dark room, she had been little unconscious thinking about her past and present scenarios.

An isolated room where not even air could pass properly, she had been thrown there after being tortured by those people to whom she had given many years of her life. It was like the end of her story. A life partner whom she had chosen by her choice had back-stabbed her and left her helpless. She had been betrayed and was being suppressed too. Every day, she was getting a new wound on her mind and body as well. It had exhausted her mentally as well as physically.

There was a time when she used to be a fighter; an avenger, who had always fought for her own self and for the people around her. She had always signified and symbolized power and courage. She never ever cared about what people would think about her. She always stood for the truth and went ahead to fight against every possible wrong. She had been this way since childhood.

But today, she was going through a trauma; perhaps feeling of being cheated and betrayed from the most loved person had hit her badly.

Her state of mind was such as if she wanted to evoke her inner power by reminiscing about her past but was being unsuccessful every time. Her mind kept on swinging between her gallant past and pathetic and powerless present. A marathon of many mixed thoughts was running inside her but a caged feeling was the dominating one.

With all these thoughts continuously running in her head, she fell asleep on the floor. Though that room was suffocating but still she fell asleep as she was completely exhausted that day.

Once an empowered mind had now been scattered, trying to overcome with all her heart and remained stamina.

They say “God helps them, who help themselves.” She had tried her best and may be, it was the time of god to help her.

She had slept but her turbulent mind was still not silent, it was still fetching her various emotions frequently. Who knew that she would dream something so different that would lead her in an altogether different path of life?

Sometimes, in life we get many answers from our subconscious mind and dreams are nothing but the language of our subconscious.

And this dream spoke many unanswered solutions to her, which changed her entirely.


In her dream, she was alone in a pitch dark forest. There was not even a single ray of light. Against the flow of wind, she was walking continuously. It was thundering heavily that night. Bats were flying, some even bumped with her face. Her eyes could only see the darkness and nothing else. Her heart beat was getting faster and mind was sinking into a hopeless feeling. She was walking endlessly and just then she saw a sharp light coming towards her. She stopped and waited for that light but as it came nearer to her, she realized that the light which she had seen from a distance was actually the light of torches being hold by many people coming together with swords and sticks in their hands riding on horses. She could hear the sound of the footsteps of the horses. They seemed to be hostile to her and she fathomed about it as they were coming nearer to her. She thought that now, she wouldn’t be alive. She couldn’t know who they were but she had known that they were coming towards her to slay her. She frightened and started to run, so that she might save herself. While running she turned for a moment to see them again and this time they had been double in numbers. The group was just increasing and along with that the level of fear in her mind. She kept on running but then she found that even from the opposite direction, those people had started to arrive. Now she was surrounded by those people having swords and sticks in their hands. She was all alone and they were countless. Her heartbeat had been extremely fast as if she had seen the death from near. Her eyes turned red due to fear and face’s colour turned into pale. She had become cold and expressionless and then suddenly she got hit by the stick of someone and fell down. She couldn’t speak anything. Some people picked her up and threw her away. She sighed, stood up and started to run with speed. It was lightning and thundering but she didn’t stop. She ran but again got caught by those people. They started to beat her continuously with the sticks, she was trying to prevent them but her fear was stopping her to do so. She was empty-handed. She had no weapons and courage too at that time. She became unconscious up to that extent where everything happening around her turned blurred. She wanted to fight with them but she had been unconscious due to continuous attacks being on her. She thought that now, no one could save her. Her death was on the door.

She was being beaten with sticks. She was groaning in pain. The whole world seemed unclear to her. She kept on thinking that she couldn’t be defeated by these people. Inside somewhere it wasn’t acceptable to her. She had always been heroic and it was the first time in her life, something had hit her so badly. Among all these thoughts, she saw a stick over there on the earth. People were around her. She said to herself that “no, she wouldn’t be suppressed.” She instantly picked the stick and convinced herself that whatever might happen now, she would fight with them. She wouldn’t run away. She would face them courageously and then she stood up and screamed in a loud voice. She jumped and attacked on them. They were countless but she had decided that she would not permit them to disturb her life. It’s her life and she would not let it be destroyed like this. As she succeeded to convince herself and believed in her inner power, suddenly the number of people of that group started to decrease. She went ahead with that stick and kept on protecting herself and attacking when she needed to. Now, she had regained her lost self-confidence as she could see the decreasing number of those mysterious people around her. She screamed again as if she wanted to finish this fear from her mind completely. She wanted to reassure herself that yes, she had emerged victorious as always. And very soon, everybody had vanished from there and she woke up.

Her eyes were wide opened with blazing self-confidence. Perhaps, she had known the mystery to tackle the problem in her life. She had channelized her inner power through that one dream where she fought against many people that too all alone. It had filled her with self faith and conviction.

She stood up and decided to face the situations of her life. She decided not to get defeated by those, who had tortured her. She decided to show them her mettle.

She screamed again in a loud voice just the way she screamed in her dream. It was the alarm for all those who misunderstood her as weak.

The room was still suffocating but she had set herself free inside. It was dark there but her perspired face glowing through the inner fire had shown her the path.

She had gathered the lost courage. She had gotten her lost self. She was ready to face. It was her time of victory.

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