Dream Love, Don’t Give Up Your Dreams For It!

Do not sacrifice dreams

We must have come across some people, where at some point in their life they have sacrificed their dreams to be with a loved one. They gave up on their career, something they always wanted to do in life, or someone they always wanted to become just to meet the expectations of their loved one or to simply keep them in their life.

Sometimes it is family,parental pressure or pressure from the society which makes them give up something they wanted to dedicate their life to.
What it must have felt to sacrifice their life’s ultimate motto ,to pursue somebody else’s or to be with someone due to attachment or ‘love’ ?
That friend you know who did not go to that ivy league college to pursue studies when he even got a good score to get through,just because of the girl he loved who was staying back in his homeland and couldn’t come with him.
That cousin you have who wanted to be an entrepreneur and take commerce as his high school academic stream,but just due to his family’s pressure to become a doctor he took up Sciences, knowing that he isn’t good in that.
If you are someone who is one of them,then you might be knowing how it feels. But if you aren’t then you cannot begin to imagine how it is to kill your dreams inside just for someone else.
The person lives with disappointment and resentment in life,also blames his/her failures on the people who caused him to kill his dreams,being unhappy on his own and making the other people feel sad and regretful too.
After dating somebody for 6 months or a few years thinking of it as a life time commitment , giving up on something worth shaping your career and life in a great way and taking you to heights, can be the worst decision in some body’s life sometimes. When that person breaks up or is no longer in your life anymore,the regret of not pursuing what was waiting on your doorstep, kills you by many deaths.
Think about a mother who has sacrificed her career just to raise you and your siblings up without any lack of attention and ignorance in your childhood,by providing you with all the care and attention she could. She gave up on her dreams just to handle a responsibility of life which consumed her most important years, in which she had the capability too by which she could fulfill her dreams. She chose to raise you with utmost care just because she knew it would pay off later. She would be the happiest person in the whole world looking at her child being capable and healthy enough to handle the world.
That lady who had everything to be a successful entrepreneur, but is now running a small business sitting at home and earning enough money to keep in the locks of her almirah for emergency purposes, sacrificed her dreams because her husband doesn’t work and is an alcoholic. She is raising her children and taking care of all the household work because she knows she has to sustain the family,and it would reward later by taking her family out of the debt they are in,on her own.
Think about that tailor sitting at a near by boutique who wanted to actually become a fashion designer,but his family could either support his sister’s marriage or his fee to the fashion school,He gave up on his dream but he lives with no regret by seeing his sister’s happy marriage.
That teenager you know who has to take care of the females of his family and also his father’s business after he passed away, think about the sacrifice of his teenage he is making to just take care of the responsibilities on his shoulder.
He could very well be off with his friends enjoying his glorious carefree years ,but he chooses to work for his family and sacrifice his youth just because he know it would pay  later by seeing his mother being proud of him and his sister’s happiness.
These are sacrifices worth making . Your parents cancelling their life long dream to go abroad,just to fund your college is a sacrifice worth making.
But a sacrifice on your career and dreams just because you want to be with someone? Does it make you any successful? It might be making you happy,but surely not satisfied.
Think about the time when you are living with the love of your life with enough income to sustain you and a modest house,years have passed by, But you  still regret not going to that college and not taking up that job opportunity that you always wanted to take which could have made you achieve your life long goal.
There are always sacrifices made on someone else’s part to get you to where you are,and not realizing it and valuing it you feel you can sacrifice them to be with someone you ‘love’ ,you should have it loud and clear in your mind that it will be a decision you might regret later in life.
People who are meant to be with you, always find a way to your life.Focus on what you want to achieve, focus on your dreams because people whom you love will be more happier with you when you are happy and content with yourself.

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