Dreams: An Alternative Life

Dreams_by_whisperfallA day is comprised of 24 hours; an average person works for 16 hours a day and sleeps for the remaining hours. Medical professionals recommend that a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is required for a human body to replenish from the toil of the day. There is another part of the sleep that we never pay much heed to and that is ‘Dreams’; in the hours of our slumber there are often times we dream, majority of us do not recall the dreams vividly, but we hold on to the feelings and state of mind experienced in them. There are studies connecting the ways that these dreams affect the psyche of our mind, we learn, forgive and get epiphanies which we only realise the morning after.


At the end of our day, after work; when we slip under the covers of our beds, turn off the lights and rest our head on a soft pillow as we hibernate to regain our mental and physical strength spent in the day. While hibernating for the night there are times, when we wander off into an alternative life, a place where anything is possible, it is like an alternate reality or different dimension; this place is part of our imagination which starts its works as we sleep. The events and situation that we face in a dream feel real, and sometimes scare you awake; most of us do not recall the dreams, but sustain the experience of it, within our subconscious. The dreams are affected by various factors that occur in our real life, our state of mind determines the tone or the feel of our dreams, dreams have a deep relation with human psychology, but it is also a world with all the possibilities in a world that dismisses the possibilities you try to achieve.


psychology of dreams

psychology of dreams

On a relation between ‘Dreams’ and psychology, there have been numerous studies conducted. From a website that I came across on the internet, it showed the differences in the dreams of different age groups; such as the younger age groups have reported to dream more in colour as opposed to the older groups, and it also claimed that the dreams of the disabled have said they often dreamt of scenarios in which they did not possess the disabilities as they do in reality. The human mind is as complex as anything can get, many claim it to be like the ‘fingerprint’ theory, that no two are the same. We often relate desires to dreams, whereas they are not always synonymous; for example, many of us might have had a dream of flying, falling off a cliff, or something like doing things which would not be possible in reality, now no one would want to fall off a cliff, so relating a desire to a dream is not accurate. However dreams to relate to a part of our mind, and a desire is a part of it; many people have said to be dreaming of being musicians performing in front of large crowds, while some have dreamt of working in an office trying to finish their targets; so this means that we have not been that evolved to understand them perfectly as of yet.


My personal experiences with dreams have been weird, strange and any other word that will express the confusion that one feels. In some moments of the present; suddenly I feel a sense of déjà vu, a sensation of reliving a moment again in the exact same manner; then recollecting that the moment I am living was experienced in a dream. Then at times it is as though, I consciously know that I am dreaming but cannot get myself to wake up. So dreams have so many avenues that it takes a person, and therefore it is difficult to categorise it in just one feeling, such as desire, fear or psychic powers.


Moving away from the technical and analytical sides of dreams, they are also a gateway to the alternate realities or alternate lives. We can fly into different regions or planets, we can dream of a chocolate factory (Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory) etc. There are many things that we aspire to be; some may want to be Musicians, or maybe just millionaires; while others may want a simple life and live near nature, these impossibilities are fulfilled in your alternate realities. There are also some dreams which may answer some problems that you might be facing in life, a moral dilemma, or a relationship problem and what not. There have been people such as Martin Luther King Jr. who has inspired the people by his dreams, uplifted them and promoted the peace and harmony required.


What would you be in an alternate life? What if you could do anything you wanted and it wouldn’t affect your job or financial status in life? What if you could fly over mountains during the day and fly off to the moon to sleep during the night? A dream is a break from the realities and not only to regain physical and mental strength. The quote “Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream”  by Edward Allan Poe, describes the feelings of a dream and the power of it as well.


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