Dreams – Reality or Illusions?

Dream is imagination born out of our desire lying deep inside our soul. They are result of images and thoughts that pass though our brain and reside in our subconscious mind.  Dreams are those wings that need the wind of ambition and direction of faith to make it into a reality. Dreams have numerous interpretations and numerous meanings. Dreams can be those that we see when we are sleeping and dreams are those also which we see with our eyes wide open. Dreams have a distinct and rare quality that it knows no limit and bounds and lets us fly high.

Eleanor Roosevelt said – “Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. In true and ambitious meaning, dreams are those that can be made into reality and those that come out of our conscience and illusion of achieving something great in our life. It makes us realize that nothing is impossible when we are determined and when we believe in our dreams.


T.E Lawrence expressed dreams in his words as- “All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible”.


1. Venting Dreams


Venting dreams are those kinds of dreams where we are being chased or falling or failing an examination. These are better described as nightmares which can terrify us according to their intensity. If we try to see the positive thing of such terrifying dreams, it can instil in us a thought of getting ourselves prepared for any kind of opportunity.

2. Processing Dreams


These are those types of dreams in which we see whatever happened to us the whole day. These are a revival of the events that happened with us and it may come to our mind in form of dreams if we have been thinking about it or it left a remarkable effect on us.

3. Breakdown Dreams


These dreams show us disasters that never happened and we see it. These can be fires, earthquakes, floods, etc. Such dreams are indications of an upcoming change in our life. This kind of dream wants to convey that we should bring about some kind of change in our routine since change is an inevitable and interesting part of our living.

4. Precognitive Dreams


These are those dreams that are indicative of future events that are going to happen in our life. They are prophetic dreams in nature when we see people, places and things that are extended part of our present situation like dreaming of winning a card making competition after participating today and then actually winning it the next day.

5. Wish-fulfillment Dreams


Wish- fulfillment dreams are those dreams which we wait for to come true. When we subconsciously get tired of our daily life and want a holiday, we tend to see ourselves planning a long holiday for us in our dreams. Such dreams are urges of our soul’s burning desires which need to be checked in our real life. These dreams bring such urges to our notice.


When we start talking and elaborating about our dreams which we have planned in our mind, we start opening eyes of our soul, so that we are able to make our dreams a reality rising above our illusions. These dreams have no relation with uncertainty and unpredictability. They need to be specific so that we can make it our aim in life.


Anatole France said –“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe”. So it is thus, very important that we all have a dream in our life to achieve something incredible in our life.

There are many qualities and attributes that we need to incorporate in ourselves to make our dream a reality in life. These qualities are as follows:

1. Determination


When we are determined to achieve something in our life, we are able to achieve the toughest challenge with the strength of our will power. Our level of dream decides our level of determination. The more determined we are, the closer we get to our aim of making our dream into a reality.

2. Faith in God and yourself


Nothing is impossible in life. The moment we start believing in this, we attain a sense of faith and responsibility towards our belief. We all should have faith in God as well as in our dreams, the only we can achieve it. It is said that faith can even move mountains, so why not move away our fear and negativity.

3. Hard Work


Hard work is the key to all success in our life. When we work hard and do not delay our work, we definitely achieve what we believe. It is said that there is no substitute to hard work. Hard work has the ability to bring about change in ourselves and around us. It gives tremendous mental power to achieve our goal and make our dreams come true.

4. Perseverance


Perseverance is strength of our soul and mind to not give up in our life and continue trying to achieve our aim and realization of our dreams. We may fail several times in our life while attempting to make our dreams true but we fail truly when we stop trying and we quit. Quitting takes a person nowhere and someone who has a quitting nature shall finally quit dreaming too.

5. Patience and Discipline


When we decide to achieve a goal, we have to believe in having the patience to wait until we reach our goal since we can decide our dream but not the time it will take to travel all way to achieving our dreams. Discipline is another quality that needs to be taken into our mind if we want to achieve our goal since it trains our mind to obey the rules and limits that we decide for ourselves so that we follow our dreams and make it a reality.


It is up to you to believe in those dreams which you see with your eyes closed or to believe in those which you see with your eyes and mind awake and open. Your decision and thinking will decide whether dreams ever become a reality coming out of our illusions or not. Why wait for long, just move ahead and follow your dreams.

As Collin Powell said – “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it needs sweat, determination and hard work”.

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