Dress to cover or uncover?

It was my best friend’s birthday the other day and I was completely lost as to what to wear because I was told that everyone’s dressing up. I’ve literally never lost my mind to anything as much as I did to my clothes that day. These days it’s just so damn important to dress well and look good that anyone’s bound to lose their mind over it. My sister on the other hand pays almost no attention to what she wears and where she goes, which also I think is incorrect to an extent but I think that keeps you saner. I’m not very fond of dressing up but I think you need to essentially look decent at the very least. Now I don’t mean to sound very conservative or anything but lately, actually not even lately, it’s been pretty long since this trend has been on. It’s almost always in vogue to wear less, or something short which displays more flesh than the clothes you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a short skirt, you clearly look hot, irrespective of how you’ve teamed it up with the accessories you’re wearing or anything at all. Less is more is the criteria for a good dressing sense for most people these days, and I don’t understand how. I mean why are you wearing any clothes at all if that’s the basis of judgement in this department? Somewhere I feel it’s due to all those fashionistas and apparently best dressed people who always suggest that their style mantra is to wear whatever you’re comfortable in. I would like to throw one big question at them. That super tight suffocating little dress that you’re wearing that you can barely breathe in, and the bucket load of makeup that you’ve put on your face on top of that is comfortable how?


You can’t even rub your eyes without screwing all your makeup and you can’t walk a step ahead without your feet aching in those 5 inch long heels but definitely you’re all going to swear by comfort being the essence of your style statement. Just because you’ve gotten used to fitting yourself into all these things, doesn’t make them comfortable. So the least you could do is be honest about it and not misguide the world. Fortunately or unfortunately, you’re sort of in an influential position, so don’t misuse that. And again, is it really that important to dress impeccably all the time? What’s wrong with those comfortable pyjamas hanging by the door of your room? Are you honestly not tempted to jump right into them and stay in them and snuggle up in that soft blanket for the rest of your life? The only reason people find this exercise of dressing up so important these days is because at most places, you constantly feel like you’re being judged based on what you wear. I’ve been a victim of that and a culprit too. As much as I claim today that I dress for myself and because looking good makes me feel good about myself, somewhere deep down a little part of me knows that that’s not the only reason I put any effort into looking good. It’s also because there’ll be people around and they’ll be looking at me, and I don’t want to impress them particularly, but I don’t want to be criticised either. I don’t want to hear someone talk about me saying “that dress looks awful on her”, or “how messy do her hair look”. Yes, I fear being judged with all my heart, yet I Sometimes do it too. When I see someone wear all seven colours of the rainbow, I cannot help but wonder what she thought before she picked that outfit and how was she bold enough to face the world wearing it. Yes, those are the exact questions I ask myself.


I know it sounds very mean but it’s my girl instinct that makes me do these distasteful things and consequently question my own integrity. I won’t preach about it, but it’s also okay to equate yourself with fashion. You can make a living out of it too, right? Not everyone is creative enough to do that, it’s a talent and I respect such people immensely too. But if you’re just dressing up because everyone else is and putting yourself in an uncomfortable position, believe me it isn’t worth it. They’ll compliment you once or twice maybe but that’s not the basis of your existence. That’s one thing college has taught me and also the crowd of my college has, and I’m so proud of it. I’ve seen extremely good looking and well dressed women debate over current political issues than talk about what mall has sale today. Beauty without brains is not only incomplete, but a complete waste of your existence.

745e77a4543043732e8c26a06c0a02b1 Why try to fit in when you’re born to stand out? And as far as your style goes, wear what makes you happy. You like violet and green together, go ahead wear it. Wear baggy pants to college if it’s hot. You don’t have to wear hot pants and then constantly pull them down because they’re making you conscious. Believe me, the sexiest girls are the most confident ones. There’ll be twenty people in the room who’ll be really well dressed. There are just way too many good looking people out there. So your body must ooze confidence each time you walk down the street or into a room full of people, that’s what makes heads turn, not your clothes. Your style is within you, find that and you’ll never need an extra pair of heels.

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