A Drive on the Road to Success

We have at some point of time viewed numerous motivational videos while facing failures. One common story that props up in every motivational video or speech is the story of the Mickey Mouse creator – Walt Disney.

Walt Disney’s childhood hobby, believe it or not, was sketching cartoons. So when he came back after serving as a Red Cross volunteer during World War I, he decided to relive his dreams. He wanted to create motion pictures featuring the creatures from his childhood. He started his own company in 1920 when he was only 19 years old.


But his fate played jokes on him and made him reach a point when he had no money to buy food or even pay his rent. He was forced to live with friends and would go for days without food. Even though he failed to sell even a single cartoon, he never strayed away from the work he loved.

After a series of failure, he reached Hollywood to pursue his childhood desire. After 5 years of living without success, he finally tasted a pinch of it with the short animation “Alice in Cartoonland” and “Oswald the Rabbit.” But after a few years, some cartoonists took away Oswald with them and Walt Disney was again back to ground zero. He was back to square one with no money to live or eat.

Then after all those tragedies, he created his first Mickey Mouse character and soon enough was peddling on the road to success. He made his childhood dream a reality with his passionate persistence. Well this story should be motivating enough to make you take a test drive on the road to success.


For starters, what success means varies from individual to individual. For an ambitious engineer, success would mean a company of his own or maybe becoming CEO of the company he is working in and leading a wealthy life. Ask a cat and it would define success as a way to catch, immobilize and destruct her own tail. Lots of cats run after their tails. Anyways, the purpose of the above facts was to tell you that the first step to put your legs on the road to success is to have a clear idea of what it means to you.

The next rule on the journey to success would be to never stop following your talents. It is quite rewarding to be passionate about your pursuits. Having a talent without passion is like your car without its fuel. You will have the car’s body but it won’t take you anywhere. It will never succeed to take you to your destination. So the bottom-line is whatever you are good at – be it writing, dancing, drawing, singing, coding or speaking – never quit pursuing it, with passion. God has given a specific gift to each and every one of us. Focus on it and make yourself better at it.


Nowadays, everybody craves to be an ‘all rounder’. In simple terms, it means being a universal genius. The concept of being a universal genius itself is flawed. It is destined to fail as nobody can be best at everything. Even the basketball legend Michael Jordan could not play legendary baseball. So to drive away failures, a simple rule would be to focus only on one big goal and remember the saying that a jack-of-all-trades is a master of none.

Our elders tell us to keep our options open. But in its true sense, does it help us to bring our full potential to the forefront? When you have a security blanket you will never work as hard as the person who has never felt the warmth of that security blanket. This means that having too many options would restraint you from giving your best the first time as you would always have a backup. But if your entire life depended on a single option, you would converge day and night and work hard to nail it at the first try. Your journey on the road to success would then be worth.

Next rule deals with understanding the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Don’t concentrate much on efficiency as it would lead you towards meaningless and unimportant goals. An average person always strives for efficiency as their main concern is accomplishing more in a limited amount of time, regardless of the importance of the task. But a genius always looks for effectiveness. Even if the task takes long hours, an extraordinary person would never quit as he knows that the outcome of the task would matter. If it was for efficiency, we may be still living in darkness if Thomas Edison hadn’t paid much attention to effectiveness. He knew what he would accomplish would matter a lot to the entire world. Hence he didn’t stop and after more than 10,000 attempts, he gave the world the light bulb.

And lastly, never give up. Use up your soul if necessary but never give in to the temptation to quit. Quitting is life’s greatest failure. All successful people have tasted failure at some point of their lives. Their determination to not let failure decapitate them made them what they are today. Always remember that success comes from resilience, hard work, determination and persistence. No one gets it for free and neither will you.


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