Education is a foundation Not a stage Performance

To read, write and to count is one of the basic necessity for we humans. Although, times are changing and there is a fast growth in many countries, education in various sectors also have changed and grown immensely. With improved education, people have started to improve their financial conditions and it also have helped the nations to develop.

The perspective of teaching the young children and the things taught in schools at an early age is to help the children build a strong attitude towards life. Lately, its so distressing that education has become more a competition rather than a platform to learn and grow.

I’ am a mother of an eight year old girl and I know the burden of books and studies on a child. Sometimes it gets so helpless that we, as parents need to go among the flow of being competitive in every strike. I agree, life is not challenging enough without a competition, but my thought is we do not participate a competition until we are ready.

Education is a foundation which helps to mold children future with more knowledge and provide an ability to make their own mark in the living. There is never an end to education and there is always something new to learn. Its not all about scoring good marks in exams or who does better than the other child. What a child learns today in his or her school is applicable in some time of their life and its more important for them to understand what they learn and not rather concentrate and study only to score in their exams and for a better marks sheet.

It also depends on the government who sets the kind of subject students needed to learn to grow up into a more intelligent and capable adult who might become the one to bring the nation forward.

Educational institution should focus more on teaching children such things which helps in developing their attitudes with problem solving, improving life skills and other things so that at any time of their life they should be able to face life challengingly.

Some of the schools have adopted a few methods of bringing in the Montessori method of teaching, although I like to stress the matter here, that a lot do not know the real meaning of Montessori teaching. Children learning schooling with some activities is fun, but what kind of activities they do is more important.

I remember, solving those simple additions or subtraction as “two in my mind five in my finger after two”, the count goes on fingers. such practices are still followed even today. There are such simple methods taught to children which makes them easy to learn like wise, education should implement things to learn in an easy way and help them to learn for their life time and not just for passing an academic year.

Some of the mistakes often made in laying the proper foundation of education are,

Choosing a proper institution


Schools and colleges have become more commercialized these days and most parents look how famous and the kind of name it has made before they let their children join. Most of us fail to understand about what our child needs and the kind of background they need to develop. Being rich and learning rich is entirely two different things. Your child might be in a very small institution though, the things what he or she learns there is more important. There are such small educational institution, who focus more on learning abilities and who give special attention to every child, such things are more important than rather being lost in a big folk. So the choice you make for your child is what his life builds on, choose carefully.

Dedication in teaching


If a mother is the first teacher, a teacher of an educational institution will be one of the person in molding a child future. Teaching is not just a job to do to earn, its a most sacred of duty performed in sharing knowledge from one human to other, since many ages. Although, there are some many great teachers who have made a name as one of the best, most do not take it seriously in teaching the right things in a right way to their pupils. For a child, what their teacher teaches becomes the lesson for their entire life. So teachers have to be more dedicated in the job they do and teach a child with those things needed to be learned in a way that they can remember forever. Someone said it right that “ As a child we usually either dislike or like a subject is mainly based on how actively a teacher teaches the subject”. A teacher also need to understand that you are not teaching a child just so they can pass their exams and can be put in the hands of another teacher, but every step and every minute you are helping them to become a better person, a better human being.

Burdening children


Its a race and everyone want to participate and win. Unfortunately there can be only one winner the remaining all comes next. Do that mean all the others lost and their efforts are for nothing? Certainly not. Do not force your children to do things what you want in your life, instead let them decide what they want. Agreed, in young age they might not know what they want, but we need to try to understand their interest and their capabilities. Let your children learn those things which they like. While they practice to win, teach them the ways to accept failure and learn from their mistakes. I heard once a parent telling “ I never got a chance to learn when I was young, I wish you learn it”. But they fail to think, is that what their child wants. Do not force your child to learn those things which you wanted to learn as a child or those, which your friend or a relative’s child might be learning and good at. Each child is unique and help your child to discover their strengths. Education is a process of learning and no one can learn without failing. The performance is when they use their education in life to be happy.

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