blew the heart of the audiences, there was one dialogue which often made me think about it deeply. I vaguely remember what exactly she said, but then Briana told Rishi he was mediocre, and it was good. Mediocrity.
Yes, some of us might be pretty mediocre. Maybe some of us have never topped in the class, flagged our country in the Himalayan peak, and screamed, ‘Whoa! I feel like I’m on top of the world!’, or even thought ‘ if only I was the one who had invented Facebook!’ , maybe all we ever managed to do was having a decent grade with a fair job, happily sipping coffee in our cabinet and watching the world run helter-skelter to taste their so called ‘ success’.
I have never used the concept of success much, or maybe whatever little I have achieved, made me feel as if I was walking on air. For me, success never depended on its magnitude or altitude, yes but it definitely depended on the aggregate or extent up to which it brought a smile on my face. I have always had this morbid curiosity to know as to how successful people actually lived their lives. I started off with googling Isaac Newton, and I pretty sure remember what came up to my mind next, ‘This Newton man never needed a break, but of course I do.’
Then I went for several other personalities starting from successful programmers like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg to our Bollywood film stars like Shah Rukh Khan (mugged up to their Wikipedia page, and this is the fifth time I was buffering their interviews on You Tube), but then, my patience was wearing thin and I thought of termination, coming to a conclusion. What I inferred from this research, if I tag it, well:
Success is like wine. The process of achieving it is bitter. But then once you are all broken in, all you get is pleasure. So why bother, eh?
But there are many people out in the world, maybe you reading this, have a little version of success. Maybe all the term ‘success’ meant to you was an undersized promotion party, staying there with your friends and family, and not your boss and colleagues, which made your wife run around you to check if your fine siphon suit is ironed, or your tie is in its right place, and if that’s not all you are faking it a glass of red wine in your hands (PERFECTLY). Maybe all the term ‘celebration’ for you was being in a part of the group hug on your convocation day, or enjoying the turkey on thanksgiving. Maybe all you have dreamt of is somebody being content and comfortable in your own life, like every other human being. Maybe all you ever wanted is a normal, average and ordinary life with no prominence, no fortune and no excitement at every turn, because you have had enough of them, each one of them, every time and all you felt is nasty, nauseous.

But accepting the fact of one’s mediocrity requires a good amount of guts. Why would one want himself or herself to be tagged under the title of ‘average’ when this world thrives for superiority leaving a minimal chances to prosper for those who are not so good in their respective fields or should I say who have not been the apple’s eye of this world?

Being a mediocre is not at all a bad affair to deal with.My point is, if you think you are the only mediocre one in this bloodthirsty world where pizza gets delivered faster than the police comes, Tata and Birla make money like its child play then you’re absolutely wrong. There are millions of other people like each one us, maybe thinking what we are discussing over right at this moment.


Everyone has a winner and a loser inside us, translucently playing chess and waiting for their opponent’s game to end, depending upon our performances at every step of our life. In fact, we all have mediocrity inside us. Our presentation in life is not judged by its mediocrity, because mediocrity is a trait in every human being, and they say ‘no man is perfect’. We cannot all be Isaac Newton; we can’t all be Mark Zuckerberg. I mean, someone has to implement newton’s motion theories and procrastinate and chat with one or few strangers using Zuckerberg invention, right?
So next time if you ever feel you are empty and you have found a convincing reason to make you feel low because of the realization of being a mediocre, believe me, you are successful! Because you have just learnt to live your life your way by respecting your mediocrity! That is what would be the reason of smile for you. You have finally resulted into someone you wanted to be, you lived your life and that is the reason why at present you are satisfied. Oh, look at that positive grin at your face.
Someday when a stranger points at you saying, ‘YOU ARE A MEDIOCRE!’ put your chin up, hold your head high, with a bright smile reply, ‘THANK YOU’, move out proudly and with a smiling face. A smile that itself would be the answer to numerous faces staring at you.
It has always been difficult to follow what your heart desires because most of the times it’s against the trends established by our society. But,

“Let us not underestimate the privileges of the mediocre. As one climbs higher, life becomes ever harder; the coldness increases, responsibility increases.”


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