Be Emotionally Compatible, Age is Just a Number

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter”- Mark Twain

According to me age does not matter in a relationship. It is the relationship that needs to be counted upon not the age. The real value of relationship is to connect and  have trust on each other. Age is nothing but it is just a number. It cannot determine the number of year we will live on this Earth. Then how can age can be a determining factor of a relationship. Basically, relationship is a strong, deep or close bond between two or more people that can vary in duration from brief to enduring. There is no suitable age when we feel strongly about another individual. “Age does not matter in love.”


Most of people want to meet and settle down with a right person and want that such a relationship should last longer. I believe that to have a successful long lasting relationship, the biggest priority tends to be compatibility. We should be with a person who understand us, appreciates us and cares for us, above everything else. Occasionally in life people find this compatibility with the most unlikely of partners. There are many determining factors to be considered when getting into a new relationship like: religious beliefs, common hobbies, families being compatible, etc; age is but a trivial matter. Why then age is considered such a huge deal in our society? Must we agree to the society’s norms? Or do we should stay faithful to ourselves and our feelings? Feelings remain unwavering, whilst society’s norms shrivel fast. Age is not a proof of a successful relationship; it is just an obstacle that people uses to turn away. People even of the same age often grow and change in different directions, so an age gap is not a driving force for growing apart! If you have the same interests and desires don’t let it get away because then you might regret it.


Many of us may disagree that with age comes maturity. I beg to disagree. Maturity is earned or gained by life’s experiences. Many of us learn it from events in our lives. Events from the childhood may shape the outlook on marriage and relationships. We carry the lessons from these experiences into our adult years. Age is not a proof of having a successful relationship. In American culture it has been long thought of that if a middle aged person is dating a much younger woman it is considered to be a sign of midlife crisis. In some circles, dating a younger woman is considered to be a status symbol.


A couple having a different age can also have an excellent relationship. If two people love, trust and respect each other and if they make it a top priority to stay in close and honest communication at all times, then they can be happy always together. A strong emotional connection or bonding is an important factor in a relationship but emotional maturity has little to do with how many years you have been alive – more on what has happened to you during those years and how you have to deal with it. Suppose a 20 year old woman might find a 40 year old man much better suited to her than a man of her own age because they might be at the similar life stage and are ready to settle down and start a family, for example, on the other hand a 20 year old man might not be ready for that commitment.


What will people say?

When an older man is dating a younger woman than it rarely raises an eyebrow but if an older woman is dating a young man there can still be some stigma attached to it with terms like ‘cougar’ being used to describe her. Cougar is basically a slang term which is used by people to refer to a woman who seeks sexual relations with considerably younger men. Some people can disagree with your choices in romantic partners, no matter how perfect is your relationship.  The thing that should matter to you is the opinions of your friends and family, it is more important that you are happy and confident with your choice of partner and not disproportionately influenced by what other people thinks about you. Love has no age restriction and no age brackets. People who don’t know you might judge you on the basis of age gap and the people closest to you will only care that you are happy.

Before you begin a relationship with someone who is older or younger than you, it is important to make a care full opinion of your motivation. Age difference provides you with valuable opportunities to learn about alternative prospect or perception and experiences. Although age difference or we can say age gap can create some challenges in your life and relationship, focusing too much on age can backfire. So you need to be understanding of generational differences, attributing every difference to your partner’s age can leave you both feeling self conscious and misunderstood. If you frequently tell your partner that his or her age doesn’t matters to you then your partner might end up with a feeling like age is not a significant issue.

Don’t let age dominate your relationship. An age gap does not really matter. If you fall in love, age usually becomes inapplicable so try not to confine your matches to a narrow age bracket.

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