Encouragement: The Key To Success

Encouragement is something that gives you mental support and provides you the hope to carry on in your life however difficulty the situations may get. It is the state of being motivated and inspired to work hard towards our target. Encouragement shapes three aspects of action: Your choice or direction; Your effort and intensity; Your persistence and duration. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe says-”Correction does much, but encouragement does more”. So encouragement is that source of inspiration that gives us the psychological and spiritual energy to carry out the proposed goal of our life. So learn to “Give encouragement and Get encouraged” for life may pose many problems and we can continue moving in difficult situations only when we are encouraged to still stand up and move on the difficult path.

Encouragement also shapes how much you gain and grow, as well as how much you use the skills and abilities you’ve got.   The bottom line is, encouragement is powerful, and it’s a skill you can use throughout your lifetime. Every one of us at some point or the other in their life has needed some encouragement. Whether we are on the receiving or ending end, encouragement or motivation can be the thread that sometimes holds us together when the going gets tough. Every individual are unique and they require different kinds of encouragement. How to give encouragement to a friend going at times of crisis or difficult situation is somewhat critical.


  • Gestures:


It is the simplest form of encouragement. There are times when we are feeling blue and the smallest gesture of encouragement helps us to brighten our day. A smile, a wave or a light “pat on the back” can say the things that we sometimes cannot find the words to say. Let someone know that you are aware of her presence and send positive reinforcement and also show concern with her well-being. All of this can come from just a cute smile.

  • Listening:


Listening truly to someone sometimes seems to be a lost part. People who are in crisis might need to “get if off their chest.” Leasing a friend to talk and release his emotions may be all he needs to feel encouraged. Do not interfere to inject your own feelings and advice on the situation; offer only if you are asked.

  • Positive Words:

positive words

Always use positive words when having a conversation with a friend who is feeling down. Don’t use idioms like “you can’t” or “you shouldn’t.” Try it “You will feel better,” or “you can do this.” Negativity emphasizes or shore up bad feelings. Baring a positive light to overcome difficult situations.

  • Be truthful:


Lying to someone will never help you out. Not telling the truth and lying is the same thing. In some situations, you may feel like not telling them something is for best. What they do not know cannot hurt them…..right? Instead of lying, tell them the truth in the most tactful way. Be confident and be yourself while telling the truth, if it hurts them then it is of worth telling them because it will be better for both of you.

  • Extra Effort:

extra effort

Make a little extra effort to so that your friend notices it; this will do much to encourage her. Go for a drive with her; drop her home; go for a shopping and say hello. Send her an email just to say “hello” and “I am thinking of you.” Sometimes, on a blue day, knowing someone who is thinking of her may be all the encouragement your friend needs to have a happy day.


1. Getting focused and stop thinking in terms of a fear:


We all have a habit of thinking in the negative instead of affirmative. Fear is harmful because it keeps you unmotivated and it is draining and exhausting. If you are drained, exhausted and worried then you are not going to be motivated.

2. Accomplish your inspiration:


Always try to use your best energy for your best results. Turn your all ideas into action then find quick wins because quick wins quickly add up and you will find your confidence and competence bloom. Don’t wait too long for the opportunity, otherwise your will expire. If your passion does expire, one way to renew it is to talk to somebody about why you cared about it, and that can often light the fuse again.

3. Be calm and confident:


Always choose confident and calm over anxious and insecure. It’s confident and calm that win the game and enjoy the ride. Gaining clarity and bringing a good mental picture into focus of what you want to achieve is a way to be confident and calm. It is also very encouraging. Confidence is just like a switch which flips.  First decide to be confident and calm and then start the process.

4. Be your best and build your inner strength:



Compete with yourself and make it a fun game. One way to motivate yourself is to give things. Break all the barrier’s coming in your path and do your best and continuously create and push your mental model further of what’s possible.

5. Change your approach:



Find out and turn to the new approach if the current approach is not working.

If you are not able to remember these things then simply make a list of affirmations on paper and repeat them to yourself when you are having a difficult time.

I am strong and healthy.

I am working hard to defeat obstacles coming in my path.

If I panic or fear, this means I am learning.

A fear does not mean I am having a setback.

I will be always okay.

I will always do my best and my best is good enough.

I will not always be in pain or suffering.

I am learning more and more each day.

It is nice to have good days and bad days.

I will overcome all this!



  1. Think of the things that encourages you and do the same thing for others.
  2. Learn the language your friend love and use the language to encourage him or her.
  3. If an encouraging thought comes to your mind then share it . Don’t wait because it may not have a same effect.
  4. It is encouraging to be praised in front of others.
  5. When someone is discouraged, offer practical, specific help.
  6. Write a note to tell him or her that you are praying for them.
  7.  Give him a chance to share his feeling and provide solution only if he ask you.
  8. Don’t lie. Tell the truth.
  9. Make extra effort so that your friend notices it.
  10. Use positive words and gestures during the conversation.

Encouragement is that ray of hope that fades the darkness of our life and highlights our abilities. So, try to encourage yourself and others so that they can lead happy life. Encouragement can lead you more towards success and you will be to come out from your problem by taking different approach. Joel Osteen said-”Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows?”. Never hesitate to encourage someone since it takes nothing from you but gives a lot to others.

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