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Death, from ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak”

Everything that breathes, sees, hears, feels must end; must die. That is ‘the circle of life’. Death is looked upon as an ominous creature. The carrier of the soul after death, the ‘Grim Reaper’, the silent soul taker. He is always watching, just like God. Every move is accounted for in his book which then lets him decide when you need to be taken on an astral journey.


After reading this book, “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak, my perspective on this topic completely changed. I have been suggesting this book to almost every person I meet not because it was amusingly engaging and emotional but because of the way Zusak was able to make me look at the aspect of life that almost everyone dreads, ‘Death’. He gave life to death. A hard thing to do, right? But Zusak manages to bring out Death as a frustrated and inquiring character with human like emotions and expressions coupled with dark humour slowing slipping away soul into his abode. Do you think he is watching you right now and you don’t even know about it? Maybe he is and maybe is looking at you and thinking I should give this human another chance to see the light.


The death of something/someone should not be looked at negatively. We all know we have to die someday, be it self-inflicted/accidently or naturally, accept that fact. When you see you close ones on the death bed know that they either will survive or simply slip away, destiny matters. I have recently started believing this cosmic forces of the universe and somewhere with everything you do you write your own destiny. It is all inter-connected, like branches on a tree or the tissues in your body. Everything is accounted and noted for. Making the correct decisions and not ruining your life helps you live peacefully. But mere breathing is not enough. You know how they say; you realize the worth of something that was once so precious to you after it is gone? Well it is kind of true isn’t it, I mean *if you are a guitar player you will understand this* whenever after practice I set down my guitar pick it decides to go on journey to the centre of the earth, always has to get lost someplace or the other. As irritating as it is, we have a special connection to this little plectrum. Trust me I have cried when I lost my lucky plectrum. Maybe death took it *just saying, ha ha!* similarly, humans/animals/objects become significant to us over a period of time after a certain moment of closeness. Ignorance leads to dissipation. Don’t let it die on you.

Being a kind of human who indulges in dark, morbid and gore things, I find beauty in destruction and lifelessness. Do not think I am lunatic of some kind but I prefer to find my muses in the dark because they are the ignored. Maybe you envisioned death as one the characters or images portrayed in those horror movies and ghost stories. But who has truly seen death? I envision death as one of us, who silently is around us, like air. Choosing to cause no harm or let you know of his presence. What I am trying to say is don’t try to make death the bad guy in your life. Make him your teacher rather, learn to be strong to face the calamities thrown your way and grow stronger. Do not anticipate death, live life hard with knowing that someday you will to go and live with the stars or maybe live in volcanoes * I think that’s where hell is*. When you know you are about lose someone/something try as much as you can to keep it/them in your life, if it out of your hands, let it go, something better is yet to come.


“Consciously or unconsciously,

With acceptance or denial,

Every day you move one day nearer to death

Is today a good day to die?

-Susun Weed”

It isn’t necessary that everything that ends will have a negative outcome to it, maybe something new will begin. Maybe something even bigger and better is coming your way. Know that. I am saying so because not only after losing my plectrum did I get a better plectrum but because I decided to stay positive and look on the brighter side. So right now if you are going to through hell and are reading this, know that in a parallel universe there is T-Rex trying to make his bed. Hah! Just kidding, but if you are going through a tough time, know that it is phase and it will eventually pass. The phase will die down and bring you back to life again, don’t give up yet. Smile and breathe and you shall pass this through, that is if Gandalf lets you! *lord of the rings reference* *not a huge LOTR fan*

All I tried to do in this little article here was to tell you that nothing is to be feared, everything has an equal and opposite reaction to everything. So if you ever meet a person like me who indulges in the darker side of the sun, well don’t fear or think they are crazy, respect them what for they believe in and if it intrigues you let it or just let it be. You know when you go to change things and make it go your way things worsen even more, like suicide. Why would you want to end your life based on the current situation when you have so much blood left in you why to last an entire human lifetime why waste it in the drain? Death knows exactly when you need to be going where, so you make him worry by living more and living good.

Live and let live, don’t hate death.

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