Entrepreneurship : Challenging and Innovative

Entrepreneurship is starting a new business enterprise, organizing the required sources and handling the success and failures of the enterprise. It may be difficult for an entrepreneur to get to the top position in their industry but it needs consistent hard work and perseverance to maintain that position in the market. Peter Drucker said – “Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth”.


An entrepreneur is a person who operates a business enterprise. He has to have many qualities for handling it. It is the nurturing and waving ideas of the entrepreneurs that help them to move forward in their respective businesses successfully. There may be many reasons behind their success like luck factor, appropriate timing and doing the right thing at the right time.


1. Desire to be proficient


Entrepreneurs like challenges and try to incorporate valuable skills learnt during accomplishment of their challenges. Every day they need to remain updated and motivated to take up challenges and move each step forward towards a successful career in entrepreneurship. During their stay in this field, they make new relationships that may help them in future when they are in need. Being proficient in the work you do gives a lot of encouragement to continue it in future.

2. Passion


Any work done without having the passion to gain accomplishments goes in vain especially in this field where entrepreneurs are required to work with passion and enthusiasm so they remain competitive and dedicated towards their work. Entrepreneurs with passion always have an unwavering flow of ideas in their mind that helps them grow in terms of experience. It is very important that you have ignited passion burning in your actions and thoughts for your work since this kind of job requires a mind that is always ready to generate new ideas and thinking new ways to implement it.

3. A positive approach


A person who has decided to take up entrepreneurship as his career needs to have a positive and forward looking approach towards each of his tasks done during work. Entrepreneurs who are successful have set goals in their mind and they stick to it until they achieve their goals. They may experience some failures in their career lifeline but this is when they need to instigate the positive approach towards it and move forward to achieving their goal through the other ways. They can find numerous ways of reaching their goals. Positive approach takes you a lot further in your life and even if you fail, it helps you to search for other ways to reach your goal or complete your task. Positive approach is an essential part of successful living and working.

4. Open Minded Nature


Someone who wants to be successful in entrepreneurship needs to have an open-minded nature. This will help them to survive in future when they have to compete with other entrepreneurs. Open mindedness helps to learn from others and they never hesitate to ask for help and valuable advice. They try to learn the best qualities from experienced people around them. This helps them to become successful. Open-mindedness opens new doors of opportunities and helps in improving social connections. This way they become confident and handle opportunities with zest and enthusiasm.

5. Strong Leadership Qualities


A person who wants to be successful in entrepreneurship needs to have strong leadership qualities and should be highly motivated to achieve his set goals. A strong leader has excellent communication skills and is a good decision maker. One who can manage the ups and downs through his leadership qualities are bound to succeed in this field. A good leader is honest, trustworthy, confident and committed to his responsibilities towards his work and colleagues.  Taking a lead is not an easy role, he always have to be ready for new challenges, face it and find appropriate solutions for it.

Entrepreneurship is a challenge that can be handled by those who have passion for such work and whose mind exhibits the capacity to think of creative ideas and there is constant flow of ideas in their mind.

Entrepreneurship is very important for developing countries since it helps in increasing job opportunities and improves employment in a country. As a result, it ultimately helps in proving wealth and self-sufficiency for nations. Entrepreneurship promotes innovative thinking to a higher level and also helps in stimulating economic growth. When we talk about entrepreneurship in developing countries, it gets highly affected here by factors like lack of capital and financial innovation. It’s like a challenge for them to survive as well as progress with the increasing demands.

Entrepreneur creates a very new environment full of creative freedom and less of fear of losing your job. Living a challenging life with such a challenging and innovative work is not easy but is interesting, for sure. Every one of us has a dream to do something in our life and we all plan for it from the beginning. Try to identify what kind of dream we are trying to make true. Is it for parents or future security or for your own creative freedom? Entrepreneurship is for those who believe in themselves and their decisions like Guy Kawaski said- “Entrepreneurship is not for everyone”.

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